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Robert Warren is an Australian bass guitarist who has played in various bands since 1985 in both Brisbane and Sydney, including Died Pretty (1991–2002).[1][2]


Robert Warren played bass guitar in various Australian bands in both Brisbane and Sydney from 1985 to 2006, including, and in chronological order, The Closest Thing, Dementia 13, The Egyptians, Sanity Assassins, The Reptile House, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Died Pretty (1991–2002),[3] Lodestar, Hissy Fit, Mr Blonde, Hawce, and most recently, Libero Vox.

Warren's playing is notable for driving, "tribal-sounding" basslines, and basslines that provided the melody line in a song by featuring chordal variations, most often against a pedal note. The prominent use of the bass guitar to provide such melodic interest was a feature of many Died Pretty recordings and can be traced throughout the band's history. Warren has appeared in 8 Died Pretty videos, has featured in many press interviews in various media outlets.


The Closest Thing

Dementia 13

The Egyptians

Sanity Assassins

The Reptile House

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Died Pretty (1991–2002)


Hissy Fit

Mr Blonde

  • Disorder (EP)
    • It's the only thing left to do in this world (single)
    • Imogen (single)
  • Bipolar (album)
  • Blow up (album)


Libero Vox


Dr. Bombay


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