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Robert William Lowry (17 November 1912 – 7 December 1963) was a New Zealand printer, publisher, typographer and teacher.


Lowry was born in Paeroa, New Zealand, on 17 November 1912.[1] He was the eldest child of his mother Janet (Jessie) Craig Forrest and Irish father Robert William Lowry, a storekeeper, farmer and carpenter.[2] He was educated at Auckland Grammar School, where he first became interested in typography, and at Auckland University College (1931–1933). While still at university, he undertook several printing enterprises, including the printing of Phoenix, the journal of the university's literary club. At this time Lowry was an admirer of Francis Meynell, Eric Gill and Stanley Morison; also of Tschichold.

After university Lowry set up the Unicorn Press, and later the Pelorus Press.

Further reading[edit]

  • Patricia Thomas, 'Beyond the merely good: the typography of Bob Lowry', in Parenthesis; 13 (2007 August), p. 22-24

Mentioned in[edit]

Lowry has been mentioned in many a publication; below is a list:[3]

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