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Robert Yonover, born in 1959, is an American scientist and inventor. He was born in Chicago, grew up in Florida, and lives in Honolulu Hawaii. He is an inventor of survival technology used by U.S./Foreign Military.


As a non-speaking child with a strong connection to nature, Yonover learned to approach problems in a primitive yet creative fashion.


Yonover received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry/Volcanology from the University of Hawaii School of Ocean & Earth Science Technology with laboratory research at NASA Johnson Space Center and MIT. Master's degree and Bachelor of Science from Florida State University.

His research career includes monitoring active Hawaiian and Central American volcanoes, exploring Canadian gold deposits, drilling a successful gas well in Texas, and completing multiple ALVIN submersible dives to ocean depths of greater than two miles.

Using life and death situations with the ocean as his laboratory, Yonover focused on inventing survival technologies. He assisted in the development and adoption of the FAA-approved EVAS technology for “Smoke in the Cockpit” emergencies. He invented the military approved SEE/RESCUE high visibility locating device (RescueStreamer [1] ) and recently received DARPA grants to fund the patented LIFE/FLOAT technology [2], the patented Emergency Supplemental Flotation System (ESFS or "PocketFloat" [3]), the co-patented video Search And Rescue (vSAR) technology [4], and the patented Emergency Pocket Water DeSalinator (EPWD) [5] . Yonover and a team of retired Air Force engineers developed and patented the Self-Deploying Infrared Streamer (SDIRS; Lighted Streamers) [6].


HARDCORE INVENTING: Invent, Protect, Promote, and Profit from your Inventions Dr. Robert Yonover and Ellie Crowe (2009) [7]


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