Robert of Chichester

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Robert of Chichester
Bishop of Exeter
Appointedbefore June 1155
Term endedbefore April 1161
PredecessorRobert Warelwast
SuccessorBartholomew Iscanus
Other postsDean of Salisbury
Personal details
Diedbefore April 1161

Robert of Chichester (died before April 1161) was a medieval Bishop of Exeter.

Robert is often confused with his predecessor, Robert Warelwast. His surname comes from a single source, one of his successors. He was a relative of David fitzGerald, bishop of St David's, but the exact relationship is unknown. He held a prebend at Islington in the diocese of London, and was dean of Salisbury from 1148.[1] He was consecrated on 5 June 1155[2] or perhaps on 3 June.[1]

John of Salisbury felt that Robert gained the bishopric by simony, and his rule seems to have been unpopular. He brought in a number of clergy from the diocese of Salisbury, and acted as a patron to his successor Bartholomew Iscanus as well as Baldwin of Exeter, who was later to become Archbishop of Canterbury.

Robert died on 10 March 1160 according to the Handbook of British Chronology,[2] but other sources just say he died before 18 April 1161. His burial site is unknown.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Robert Warelwast
Bishop of Exeter
Succeeded by
Bartholomew Iscanus