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Roberta Pinna
Made In Italy by Roberta Pinna
Serendipity - Roberta Pinna

Roberta Pinna, is an Italian national contemporary artist and art adviser whose work explores gender, sexuality and identity. She is most known for her paintings of flying silhouettes. Pinna is widely associated with the re-emergence of the figurative and decorative in contemporary art.


Roberta Pinna studied in Italy, France, and at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

My figures are semi-realistically rendered symbolic representations of the contemporary canonic form of the feminine. My approach to work is minimalist and tended to synthesize elements and forms.[1]


Roberta Pinna is most widely known for her silhouettes and divers illustrated in a minimalist style. The process of Pinna's work is in the application of a great number of thin paint layers to create the liquid-like surface that she is known for. Her colour choice is designed to evoke abstraction whilst her choice of material and subject are typically indicative of Pop Art.

Featured Collections[edit]

Pinna's work has been requested for key collections. Her work is featured in a range of public and private collections, including Rizzoli Publishing, Amazon, Fiat Chrysler, (Sergio Marchionne,automotive executive for Chrysler and Fiat purchased Pinna's painting Serendipity through personal viewing for his private collection), J.P. Morgan, P&O Cruises.

Pinna's work Aquarium was chosen by Rizzoli Publishing as the cover image for the posthumous book of Italian actress Anna Marchesini'“ E’ Arrivato l’Arrotino”' The aquamarine piece is one which depicts Pinna's signature diving figures.


2018 - Frieze London, 4–7 October 2018, UK

2018 - Art On Paper, Mar 8, 2018 – Mar 11, New York, USA

2017 – All Is Perfect – Solo show at Banca Mediolanum, October – December, Milano, IT

2017 – Art Basel – Messeplatz 10 – Basel – Switzerland, SZ

2016 – Palazzo della Ragione, Aquarium, March 19, Milano, IT

2016 – Art On Paper, 3–6 March, New York, USA

2016 – Aquarium, C.M.Sant’Agostino, Milano Jan 19 – 19 March, Milano, IT

2015 – Come in un Sogno, June, Museo Civica Rocca Flea, Gualdo Tadino, IT

2015 – Donne a Tratti, May – June, Individuals, Milano, IT

2014 – Miami Project, December 2–7, 110 NE 36th St, Miami, USA

2014 – Infinite possibilità, C.M.Sant’Agostino 29 September- 28 November 2014, Milano, IT

2014 – The Armory Show, 6–9 March , New York City, USA

2013 – Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, 6–22 December, New York, USA

2013 – Art Basel Miami Beach , 5–8 December, Miami, USA

2013 – “Forever M”, M&C Gallery- 1–30 November – Hatboro, Pennsylvania, USA

2013 – The CoffeeArtProject – Arcamfactory – 8–16 October – Milano, IT

2013 – Spectrum, NYC, 3–6 October, Javits Center North, New York, USA

2013 – Galerie Francois Giraudeau – 29/03 – 30/09, La Rochelle, France, FR

2013 – New York Art Expo, March 21–24, New York, USA

2013 – The Armory Show, March 7–10, New York, USA

2012 – ” Divers”, Decor Art Gallery, New York, USA

2011 – Adam Lister Gallery, Fairfax VA, USA

2011 – ” Costumate”, It’s My Place Gallery, Milano, IT

2010 – ” Figures”, New Walk Museum, Leicester, UK


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