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Roberta Rogow (born 1942;[1] /ˈr.ɡ/ ROH-goh[2]) is an American writer of speculative fiction and fan fiction, and a filk singer-songwriter.


Rogow is a children's librarian by profession. She started her writing career as the editor of Grip, a media-based fanzine, 1978–1996.[3]

She has written several mystery novels based on a(n imaginary) collaboration between Arthur Conan Doyle and Lewis Carroll. She has also penned a number of short stories, including contributions to the shared world science fiction series Merovingen Nights.


As a filksinger, she has appeared at science fiction conventions, mostly in the Northeast United States, including Albacon. She has also appeared internationally, at Torcon 3.[4]

Rogow has characterized her filk tapes as "electronic fanzines" that reach about 2,000 people.[5]

Roberta was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame on April 20, 2013.[6]

Roberta has recorded 8 filk tapes and 5 CDs, some of which were self-published. Her current music publisher is Floating Filk Studios.[7]

She has also published 18 songbooks called "Rec-Room Rhymes".[citation needed]


Rogow lived in Fair Lawn, New Jersey from 1972 to 2002.[8] Since 2002, she has lived in Irvington, New Jersey.[citation needed]


  • Heroes & Villains (& Some In Between....) (Filk CD). 2012.
  • Dark Deeds & Desperate Men (and Women) (Filk CD). 2011.
  • The Root of the Matter. 2010.
  • One Filk Two Filk Old Filk New Filk (Filk CD). 2009.
  • The Guilty Client. 2009.
  • Alive and Filking (Filk CD). 2007.
  • The Problem of the Surly Servant. 2001.
  • The Problem of the Evil Editor. 2000.
  • The Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist. 1999.
  • The Problem of the Missing Hoyden. 1999.
  • The Problem of the Missing Miss. 1998.
  • Futurespeak: A Fan's Guide to the Language of Science Fiction. Universal Sales & Marketing. 1991. ISBN 1-55778-347-0.


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