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Roberto Gomez (born October 5, 1978) is a professional pocket billiards player from Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Early life[edit]

Gomez first played pool at 9 years of age. As a passionate admirer of Efren Reyes, he would often record on tape televised matches of the two-time world champion. Although he had aspirations of competing in professional tournaments, Gomez decided to find other careers in college.[1]

He spent college at Western Mindanao University and initially try to find a course in architecture. But because broadcasting and political science were the only available, Gomez settled for broadcasting. Through this, he became and served as a reporter for ABS-CBN for a couple of years.[1]

Gomez then returned to pool and began playing professionally.[1]

Pool career highlights[edit]

2007 World Nine-ball Championship[edit]

In 2007, Gomez reached the finals of the WPA World Nine-ball Championship where he took on Daryl Peach of Great Britain. Bettors had him a 1/2 favorite and Peach 6/4.[2] The finals match was give and take. If one player would lead, the other would come back to move in front a little. In the end, Peach won the match 17–15.[3] Though beaten, Gomez made a name of himself by becoming the first qualifier to reach finals of the tournament.[4]

2010 World Cup of Pool[edit]

Roberto Gomez and Dennis Orcollo represented Team Philippines in the 2010 World Cup of Pool and played their way to the finals. There, they met Team China formed by Fu Jian-bo and Li He-wen, who won the 2007 edition of the event. In a rather lopsided final, the Chinese team led 9–1 in the race-to-10 match. Though Gomez and Orcollo would win the next four racks to make it 9-5, Team China got another opportunity to take 15th rack and win the event for the second time.[5]


  • Villar Cup Davao Leg (2008)[6]
  • Villar Cup Isabela Leg (2009)[7]


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