Robertsbridge Community College

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Robertsbridge Community College
Knelle Road

, ,
TN32 5EA

Coordinates50°59′10″N 0°27′43″E / 50.98606°N 0.46205°E / 50.98606; 0.46205Coordinates: 50°59′10″N 0°27′43″E / 50.98606°N 0.46205°E / 50.98606; 0.46205
TypeCommunity school
Local authorityEast Sussex
Department for Education URN114588 Tables
HeadteacherMr. Zak Vice
Age11 to 16
HousesArtisans, Mariners, Smugglers
Colour(s)Red, Yellow, Blue

Robertsbridge Community College is the smallest Community College in the county of East Sussex, and is located in the village of Robertsbridge. There are around 130 students in each year, which totals the student body as roughly 650 students. This comprehensive school is for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16. The uniform is composed of a white shirt, red tie, and a light grey jumper.

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