Robin's Big Date

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Robin's Big Date
Directed by James Duffy
Written by Will Carlough
Starring Justin Long
Callie Thorne
Sam Rockwell
Release date
  • May 5, 2005 (2005-05-05)
Running time
7 minutes
Language English

Robin's Big Date is a Batman parody short starring Justin Long as Robin and Sam Rockwell as Batman. Written by Will Carlough and directed by James Duffy, it was shown at the Fantasia Film Festival in July 2005.


Robin is waiting for a big date in a restaurant. Unfortunately, Batman (who Robin desperately tries to convince not to show up, as he'll ruin everything) shows up. Batman appoints himself as the wingman of the date to help the poor Boy Wonder "score". Kate, his date, arrives at the restaurant shortly after Batman, and the Dark Knight becomes incredibly obnoxious toward her, dominating the conversation and flirting. He even tells her about when Robin was captured by the Penguin.

When she goes to the restroom, Robin angrily confronts Batman, and gets in an embarrassing situation when Kate comes back (Batman quickly leaves to get drinks). Just when Robin becomes less awkward around her, Batman comes back, and he and Robin discuss Batman's willingness to let Catwoman escape from capture.

However, Kate's boyfriend, Tony, arrives, and acts like a jerk towards Batman and Robin. Kate and Tony leave and the stunned Dynamic Duo decides to go to Aquaman's house to play his GameCube.


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