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Robin Mark Eaglestone (born 1976) is a British musician.


He was the bassist for the metal band Cradle of Filth. Also known as Robin Graves, he joined Cradle of Filth in 1992 as 2nd guitarist for the recording of the Invoking the Unclean demo then later changed to bass for the Total Fucking Darkness demo.[1] He was with the band until 2002.

Eaglestone is currently, working on his own project, Imperial Black. He has also previously played with Criminal, Belphegor, Abgott, Grimfist, and December Moon.

During Cradle of Filth's tenure, each member's position in the band is described in a different manner (e.g. Vocals into "Dark Immortal Screams" or "Lycanthroat"). Though everyone else's role was described differently on each successive album, Robin's was always called "Nocturnal Pulse".




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  2. ^ Terrorizer #75, page 35 has already been proven to describe false date for the T.F.D demo of 1993 as the cassette inlay clearly shows 1992

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