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The Robin Fox family is a family with several members in the acting and related professions over a number of generations. Robin Fox (1913–1971), an actor and theatrical agent, and his wife Angela Worthington, actress and daughter of the English playwright Frederick Lonsdale, had three sons: the actors James and Edward Fox, and Robert, who became a theatrical agent. Their grandchildren include the actors Emilia, Laurence, and Lydia Fox. Robin Fox was the grandson of Samson Fox (1838–1903), a British engineer, industrialist, and philanthropist.

Dynastic roots[edit]

Robin Fox was born in St George Hanover Square, London, the son of Hilda Louise (Alcock), an actress, and Arthur William Fox, the son of industrialist Samson Fox.[1] He was related to a great acting dynasty, the Neilson / Hanbury Family, through his mother's sister, his aunt Lily Hanbury. Hilda and Lily's first cousin Julia Neilson was married to the actor Fred Terry, brother of the late nineteenth century star Ellen Terry.[2] In total seven first cousins including Hilda and Lily Hanbury were all actors in the Victorian Theatre.[2]


Robin Fox (1913–1971), theatrical agent, married Angela Muriel Darita Worthington, actress, 3 sons

(i) Tracy Reed, (married 1958–61), actress, 1 child
  • Lucy Preston, Viscountess Gormanston (born Lucy Arabella Fox, 1960), married twice
(i) David Grenfell. 1 child
  • Harry Grenfell (born 1987)
(ii) Jenico Preston, 17th Viscount Gormanston
(ii) Joanna David, actress, 2 children
  • Rose Gilley (born 2010)
  • James Fox (born 1939), actor, married Mary Elizabeth Piper in 1973, 5 children
  • Tom Fox (born 1975)
  • Robin C. Fox (born 1976)
  • Laurence Fox (born 1978), actor, married Billie Piper in 2007, 2 children
  • Winston James Fox (born 2008)
  • Eugene Pip Fox (born 2012)
  • Esme Bibi Ayoade (born 2009)
  • Ida Ayoade
  • ? Ayoade
  • Robert Fox (born 1952), theatre and film producer, married 3 times
(i) Celestia Sporborg (married 1975–90), casting director, 3 children
(ii) Natasha Richardson (1990–94), actress, no children
(iii) Fiona Golfar (1996 to date), editor at Vogue magazine, 2 children


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