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Robin Miller
Education Master's degree in Food and Nutrition, New York University, 1998
Culinary career

Robin Vitetta-Miller (born August 23, 1966) was the host of the Food Network cooking show Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. As a nutritionist and food writer, her work has appeared in multiple magazines and publications. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.[1]

Publication work[edit]

Robin is a contributor to Cooking Light and her work has appeared in other health and fitness publications.[2] She has also provided dieting health tips and nutritional information to organizations such as the American Heart Association and American Institute for Cancer Research.[3]


The theme of Miller's cooking show Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller is to provide strategies on how to prepare "stress-free" meals.[4] The strategies provided are tips to help viewers to prepare healthy meals with the least amount of effort required.

She is currently appearing in infomercials for the Ninja Master Prep blender.


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