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Robin Page (born May 1943) is an English farmer, who has worked as a journalist and television presenter. His work focuses on rural affairs - he is Chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust.[1] He is also a political activist.

Media work[edit]

Born in Barton, Cambridgeshire, Page is an author with numerous books on the countryside and country life in print. Until 2016 he wrote a long-running column for the Daily Telegraph.[1] In the 1990s he presented One Man and His Dog, a television show featuring sheepdog trials.[2] His views about conservation are sometimes controversial, for example his call for protection to be removed from birds of prey. According to BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham, an article by Page about raptors was “an idiotic, ill informed rant” by someone with “no qualified understanding of even basic ecology” .[3]

Political career[edit]

Page was elected to South Cambridgeshire District Council as an independent in 1972, holding his seat until he resigned in 2006. He stood as the Conservative Party candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow at the 1979 general election, finishing in third place.

He stood in South Cambridgeshire for the Referendum Party in 1997, then joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP), standing in the Winchester by-election later the same year, and again in South Cambridgeshire at the 2005 general election.[4]

Page resigned from UKIP after not being selected as a party candidate for the East of England constituency at the 2009 European Elections, Page claimed that the party's MEPs were part of a "gravy train", and that leader Nigel Farage dominated the party excessively.[5] He joined the UK First Party, and was the lead candidate on their list in the East of England.[2]

In the 2010 general election he stood for a third time in South Cambridgeshire, as an independent.[6]

Allegations of racism[edit]

In 2002, Page was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred in a speech he gave at a fair in Gloucestershire, but was later released as police were of the opinion that no crime had been committed. Page claimed that he was framed by Gloucestershire Police.[7] In 2008 Gloucestershire Police made a four-figure payment to Page for his wrongful arrest, conceding and compensating him for his complaint.[8]

In 2016 Page again attracted controversy by making remarks (which he dismissed as a joke) about deceiving immigrants into taking contraceptive drugs.[1]

Elections contested[edit]

Date of election Constituency Party Votes %
1979 Bethnal Green and Bow Conservative 5,567 19.5
1997 South Cambridgeshire Referendum Party 3,300 6.1
Winchester by-election, 1997 Winchester UK Independence Party (UKIP) 521 1.0
2005 South Cambridgeshire UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,556 3.0
2009 European Election East of England UK First Party 38,185 2.4
2010 South Cambridgeshire Independent 1,968 3.3


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