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Robin Gordon Stevens (born 30 January 1960, London) is a British puppeteer, actor, director and writer for children's TV for nearly 30 years, and has done many successful programs. These include Pob's Programme,Teletubbies, Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, Boohbah and Blips. He worked for Ragdoll Productions for about 20 years, at times co-writing scripts and originating content with Alan Dapre, before that working for the BBC. He trained with John Blundall the world-famous puppet master. He puppeteered Pob in Pob's Programme,[1] Jim in Rosie and Jim, Tom in Tots TV (he also wrote the scripts with Tiny's puppeteer Andrew Davenport) and The Man in the Magic House in Teletubbies (he voiced the man in all foreign dubs except for the USA version where American actress Dena Davis redubbed the voice). Stevens also played Grandpapa in Boohbah and Mr. Perfect in Blips.

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