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Robin Stuart-Kotze (born May 17, 1939) is a Canadian author, researcher and developer of behavioural diagnostics

Stuart-Kotze has authored or co-authored nine books. Several book have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean and other languages. His company, Behavioural Science Systems, has developed a range of behavioural diagnostics.

Stuart-Kotse lives and works with his wife Lorna in County Cork, Ireland.


Robin Stuart-Kotze was born May 17, 1939 in Pretoria, South Africa. He was educated at schools in South Africa and Canada. He has a BA (honours economics) from Bishop’s University, an MBA from Queen’s University, and a PhD in organizational psychology from The University of Warwick, UK.

Stuart-Kotze was commissioned in the Canadian Grenadier Guards in 1962. He transferred to the Canadian Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) 3rd Battalion, serving from 1963 to 1966.

Stuart-Kotze's managerial career was in financial services. He was President of BGH Central Atlantic, a pension fund manager, and Senior Vice-President of Central Capital Corporation, responsible for investment management and merchant banking. Stuart-Kotze was also Director of Development of the Regina-Hill Group, and Director of the Centre for Management Development at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

During his academic career, Stuart-Kotze was a Professor or Visiting Professor in Canada at Saint Mary’s University, Acadia University and Memorial universities, and in the United Kingdom at Aston University, Warwick University and Oxford University. He has taught organizational behaviour and corporate strategy at the MBA and Executive MBA levels, and has served as an advisor and examiner at the doctoral level.

Stuart-Kotze founded Behavioural Science Systems (BSS)in 1972. BSS has the following mission statement:

To apply a scientific approach to observing, describing, measuring and understanding the behaviours that sustain and move organisations forward, as well as the behaviours that impede growth and success.

Stuart-Kotze is the author or co-author of:

  • Money Management (McGraw-Hill) (with W.J. Reddin),
  • Effective Situational Diagnosis (MEL) ( with W.J. Reddin),
  • Managerial Achievement (Reston) (with Dr. Rick Roskin),
  • Introduction to Organisational Behaviour (Reston),
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada (ACOA),
  • Principles of Management – now in its 8th edition – (Pearson) (with Stephen P. Robbins),
  • Fundamentals of Management – in its 4th edition – (Pearson) (with Stephen P. Robbins),
  • Performance: The Secrets of Successful Behaviour (Pearson),
  • Who Are Your Best People? How to find, measure and manage your top talent (Pearson) (with Chris Dunn).

Stuart-Kotzehas retired from organizational life to conduct research into the work behaviour of people. His research confirms findings that a small number of things that people do as they manage their jobs (behaviours) generate 80+% of their results and the diagnostics he has developed, and continues to develop, identify what those specific actions are. His work enables individuals and organizations to identify clearly and specifically what they are doing currently to generate results, what they are doing that hinders the achievement of results, and what they need to do differently for optimal results.

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