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The following is a discography of song writing and producing credits for Robin Thicke.


Brandy - Brandy[edit]


3T - Brotherhood[edit]

  • 06. "Sexual Attention" (written with Damon Thomas)[2]

Brian McKnight - I Remember You[edit]

  • 05. "Anyway" (written with Brian McKnight)[3]


Color Me Badd - Now and Forever[edit]

  • 01. "Sexual Capacity" (as Rob Thicke, written with Christopher A. Stewart, and Sean K. Hall; produced with Sean "Sep" Hall)[4]


Brownstone - Still Climbing[edit]

  • 08. "Around You" (writer; produced with Gerry Brown; backing vocals)[5]

98 Degrees - 98 Degrees[edit]

  • 12. "Don't Stop the Love" (written with Christopher A. Stewart, Sean K. Hall)[6]

Sam Salter - It's On Tonight[edit]


Jordan Knight - Jordan Knight[edit]

  • 01. "Give It to You" (written with James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Jordan Knight)
  • 02. "A Different Party" (written with James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Jordan Knight)
  • 03. "Change My Ways" (written with Bobby B. Keyes; Produced with Pro J & Jordan Knight)
  • 04. "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" (Produced with Jordan Knight)
  • 05. "Finally Finding Out" (written with Bobby B. Keyes, Armand Sabal-Lecco,and Jordan Knight; Produced with Jordan Knight)
  • 07. "Don't Run" (written with Jordan Knight; Produced with Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight)
  • 08. "Separate Ways" (written with Alan Thicke, and Brennan Thicke; Produced with Jordan Knight)
  • 09. "Close My Eyes" (written with James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Jordan Knight)
  • 12. "Can I Come Over Tonight" (writer; Produced with Jordan Knight)[8]

Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera[edit]

  • 09. "When You Put Your Hands on Me" (written with James Gass a.k.a. Pro J; Produced with Pro J)[9]

Chante Moore - This Moment Is Mine[edit]

  • 13. "In My Life" (written with Lascelles Stephens; producer)[10]

Marc Anthony - Marc Anthony[edit]


P!nk - Can't Take Me Home[edit]

  • 06. "Let Me Let You Know" (written with Neal Creque, Sean Hall, and Christopher Stewart)[12]

Mýa - Fear of Flying[edit]

  • 10. "Takin' Me Over" (feat. Left Eye) (written with Mýa Harrison, Pro J, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Robert Daniels; produced with Pro J)
  • 11. "Now or Never" (written with B.B. Keyes, Pro J (James Gass), and Robert Daniels; produced with Pro J)
  • 15. "No Tears on My Pillow" (written with Mýa Harrison; produced with Pro J)[13]

BBMak - Sooner or Later[edit]

  • 06. "I Can Tell" (written and produced with Pro J)[14]

Ronan Keating - Ronan[edit]


Prymary Colorz - If You Only Knew[edit]

  • 03. "Say Goodbye" (written with Bobby Keyes, Corron Cole, Erica Dymakkus, James Gass, and Tony Redic)
  • 09. "If I Could Change" (co-written with Dan Hill; co-produced with Pro-J and Corron Cole)[16]


Will Young - Friday's Child[edit]

  • 07. "Very Kind" (written with Will Young, and Pro J (James Gass); Produced with Pro J)



Usher - Confessions[edit]

  • 14. "Can U Handle It?" (writer; produced with Pro J)[18]

Raven-Symoné - This Is My Time[edit]

  • 05. "Set Me Free" (written with Pro J (James Gass), Raven-Symoné, Sean Hurley; produced with Pro J)[19]

Guy Sebastian - Beautiful Life[edit]

  • 01. "Out With My Baby" (written with Guy Sebastian and Pro J (James Gass); produced with Pro J)
  • 09. "How" (writer; produced with Pro J)
  • 12. "Fiend For You" (written with Guy Sebastian, Robert Daniels, and Pro J (James Gass); produced with Pro J)


Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection[edit]


Will Young - Keep On[edit]

  • 09. "Madness" (written with Will Young, Pro J (James Gass), Sean Hurley; Produced with Pro J)[22]

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter II[edit]

Darin - The Anthem[edit]


Mary J. Blige - Mary J. Blige & Friends[edit]

  • 02. "Ask Myself" (feat. Robin Thicke) (written with Bobby Keyes, Robert Daniels; Produced with Pro J)

Birdman & Lil Wayne - Like Father, Like Son[edit]


Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III[edit]

  • 08. "Tie My Hands" (feat. Robin Thicke) (written with Dwayne Carter; producer)

Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson[edit]


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