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Robin W. Winks
Robin W. Winks (1930-2003)
Robin W. Winks (1930-2003)
Born (1930-12-05)December 5, 1930
Died April 7, 2003(2003-04-07) (aged 72)
New Haven, Connecticut
Nationality American
Subject history
Spouse Avril (Flockton) Winks (m. 1952)

Robin W. Winks (December 5, 1930 in Indiana – April 7, 2003 in New Haven, Connecticut) was an American academic, historian, diplomat, and writer on the subject of fiction, especially detective novels.[1] After joining the faculty of Yale University in 1957, he rose in 1996-1999 to become the Randolph Townsend Professor of History and Master of Berkeley College. At Oxford University he served as George Eastman Professor[2] in 1992-3, and as Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History in 1999-2000.


Born in Indiana in 1930, Winks graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado in 1952. As a Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand he earned a master's degree in Maori studies from Victoria University before returning to the University of Colorado to earn a second master's degree in ethnography. He then earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1957 with a dissertation on Canadian and American relations. After a year of teaching at Connecticut College, he joined the faculty at Yale in 1957, where he remained for the rest of his career. He held visiting lectureships and conducted research at universities around the nation and the world, including in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the Middle East. He was on leave 1969-71 to serve as U.S. Cultural Attache to the American Embassy in London, and was a regular adviser to various governmental agencies.

Winks was a Fellow of the Explorers Club, the Society of American Historians, the Royal Historical Society, the Royal Commonwealth Society, and a member of both the Athenaeum Club and Special Forces Club. He was a Guggenheim Fellow, a Smith-Mundt Fellow, a Stimson Grant winner, and was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. In 1989 he won the Donner Medal from the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States.

Winks held offices and committee chairmanships in the American Historical Association, the Canadian Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians et al. He was honored with a Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Nebraska.

Winks died in 2003 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Selected works[edit]

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Archival records[edit]

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  • Robin William Winks papers, 1950–2001. Yale University
  • Records of the Bicentennial Committee for International Conferences of Americanists, 1973–1977 by Bicentennial Committee for International Conferences of Americanists.
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