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Robin Wood
Robin Wood (Coloniaguionista de historietas paraguayo).jpg
Born (1944-01-24) January 24, 1944 (age 73)
New Australia, Paraguay
Nationality Paraguayan
Area(s) Writer
Notable works
Nippur de Lagash
Gilgamesh el immortal

Robin Wood (January 24, 1944) is a Paraguayan comic book writer and author. He is mostly known for his classical work in Argentine comics and his later work in European comics.


Of Paraguayan-Australian origins,[1] Wood spent his childhood between Paraguay and Argentina with his mother, before leaving to do various jobs, such as dishwasher, truck driver, salesman, wood chopper, journalist and factory worker in those two countries as well as in Brazil. Anne Whitehead's 1997 book on New Australia, Paradise Mislaid, provides a chapter on Robin Wood's childhood with his extended Paraguayan-Australian family.[2]

Wood settled in Buenos Aires while working as a correspondent for Argentine newspaper El Territorio, and did a series of unqualified jobs before he started writing scripts for popular comic book publishing company Columba. His first published work was Aquí la retirada, illustrated by his friend Lucho Olivera, in the magazine D'artagnan, and would soon become one of the most important comic writers not only of the Argentine comic but that of Latin America.

In the 1980s Wood moved to Europe, where he continued with his writing success, especially in Italy where he won the Yellow Kid award (de). Wood settled in Denmark with his Danish wife Anne-Mette and their children.


Anahi von Carlos Gomez. Stamp of Paraguay, 2004.

Among Wood's most important works are Nippur de Lagash (1967, art by Olivera), Dennis Martin (1967), Dago (1980, Salinas), Savarese (1978, Mandrafina), Mark, Big Norman, Martin Hel, Merlin, Wolf, Gilgamesh el inmortal (Olivera), Morgan, Dax , Los Amigos, El Cosaco, Aquí la Legión, Mojado and Helena, and the humour comics of Pepe Sánchez and Mi novia y yo, both illustrated by Carlos Vogt.


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