Robinson 2011

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Robinson 2011
Presented by
No. of episodes 13
No. of days 42
No. of castaways 20
Winner Mats Kemi
Location(s) El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Filming dates 24 April – 7 June 2011[1]
Original release 29 August –
10 November 2011
Preceded by Robinson 2010
Followed by Robinson 2012

Robinson 2011 was the fourteenth season of the Swedish version of Survivor and had its premiere on 29 August 2011. Paolo Roberto returned to host this season.

Like the previous season, this season didn't have a jury vote to decide the winner. Instead, it was a final challenge where Mats Kemi became the winner against runners-up Ola Ahlgren and Hanna Nygren.


Contestant Original Tribe New Tribes Merged Tribe Finish Total
Fanny Castelius
26, Falsterbo
Bontoc Left Competition
Day 5
Ann-Louise "Lisa" Krantz
36, Brandstorp
Bontoc Left Competition
Day 5
Sana Bardi
21, Sundbyberg
Bontoc Lost Challenge
Day 9
Petra Ljungberg
26, Helsingborg
Kalinga Removed
Due to Illness
Day 12
Sophie Henriksson
24, Malmö
Kalinga Left Competition
Day 14
Hanna Sakko
22, Stockholm
Kalinga Left Competition
Day 14
Johan Jonsson
21, Ljusdal
Kalinga3 1st Voted Out
Day 17
Sigvald Harryson
Returned to game
Bontoc4 2nd Voted Out
Day 20
Viktoriya Lyubar
21, Malmö
Bontoc None Left Competition
Day 21
Michaela Edslätt
20, Täby
Kalinga Matal 3rd Voted Out
Day 23
Love Jarl
24, Älvsjö
Kalinga2 Matal Left Competition
Day 24
Hjalmtyr Daregård
Returned to game
Bontoc4 Gago 4th Voted Out
Day 26
Vicky Chand
29, Solna
Kalinga4 Matal Naiwan Left Competition
Day 28
Hjalmtyr Daregård
21, Stockholm
Bontoc4 Gago 5th Voted Out
Day 29
Denicé Lundevall
30, Västerås
Kalinga Matal 6th Voted Out
Day 33
Fredrik Sämsgård
36, Stora Höga
Kalinga4 Gago 7th Voted Out
Day 36
Fatima Nilsson
43, Helsingborg
Kalinga Gago 8th Voted Out
Day 39
Sigvald Harryson
44, Malmö
Bontoc4 Matal 9th Voted Out
Day 41
Louise Alvedal
25, Hässleholm
Bontoc Gago 10th Voted Out
Day 41
Hanna Nygren
24, Helsingborg
Bontoc Gago 2nd Runner-Up 0
Ola Ahlgren
39, Onsala
Bontoc4 Gago Runner-Up 1
Mats Kemi
52, Huddinge
Bontoc4 Matal Sole Survivor 1
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

^1 The four women who entered later (Denicé, Lisa, Petra and Viktoriya) competed in a "tribe leader" challenge, where the winner would be the tribe leader of Kalinga and got to choose one of the other women to join her. The other two who weren't chosen (Lisa and Viktoriya) competed for the tribe leadership in Bontoc.

^2 After Kalinga won the second Reward Challenge, their tribe leader Denicé went to a Philippine prison where the men were held and got to choose one of the men to join her as a new tribemate. She chose Love.

^3 Michaela from Kalinga and Sana from Bontoc were chosen as sacrifices for the fourth Reward Challenge. The winner would be choosing one of the men to join her tribe while the loser would be eliminated. Michaela, who won the challenge, later chose Johan to join Kalinga.

^4 The tribe leaders (Denicé and Viktoriya) faced off in the fifth Reward Challenge. The winner would get to choose two more men to join her tribe, while the loser would get the men who weren't chosen.

Results Overview[edit]

# Episode Quote Air Date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "Jag hade högklackat... jag hade fan inga bra trosor... ingenting alltså. Men det var bara att köra järnet!" 29 August 2011 Kalinga Denicé1
No Tribal Council occurred in this episode.
2 "Det känns som om dom är inkräktare på vårat revir... Jag hatar när någon säger du skall göra det eller du skall göra det!" 30 August 2011 Kalinga Viktoriya1
Fanny No vote Left Competition
Day 5
Lisa No vote Left Competition
Day 5
3 "Tro det eller ej...
men jag klär av mig naken."
31 August 2011 Hjalmtyr None No Tribal Council occurred in this episode.
4 "Män are hunters and kvinnor are feeders..." 1 September 2011



Bontoc Sana3 No vote Lost Challenge
Day 9
Petra No vote Removed Due to Illness
Day 12
The Tribal Council was cancelled
in the fifth episode.
5 "Vi är väldigt olika. Han är ju polis... vi är kära i varandra."
8 September 2011 Bontoc Bontoc Sophie5 No vote Left Competition
Day 14
Hanna S.5 No vote Left Competition
Day 14
Johan 6–1 1st Voted Out
Day 17
6 "Många av dom har ju psykopatiska drag och det har den där jäveln..." 15 September 2011 Bontoc Kalinga Sigvald 4–3 2nd Voted Out
Day 20
7 "Eh... det känns ju inte sådär jättefett att vara dum..." 22 September 2011 Matal Gago Viktoriya No vote Left Competition
Day 21
Michaela 5–1 3rd Voted Out
Day 23
8 "Det är ju jättemånga här som är under trettio och dom verkar inte förstå det här med arbete..." 6 October 2011 Cancelled Matal Love No vote Left Competition
Day 24
Hjalmtyr 5–1 4th Voted Out
Day 26
9 "Jag tänker inte riskera mitt liv för att leta efter några jävla bananer..." 13 October 2011 None Sigvald Vicky No vote Left Competition
Day 28
Hanna N. The Tribal Council was aired
in the tenth episode.
10 "Stämningen var ju redan så låg den kunde bli... men det var den ju ändock inte utan det gick att få ned stämningen ännu lite lägre..." 20 October 2011 Denicé Sigvald Hjalmtyr 8–1 5th Voted Out
Day 29
The Tribal Council was aired
in the eleventh episode.
11 "Mats fem och ett halvt år leker polis..." 28 October 2011 Mats,
Sigvald Denicé 5–2–1 6th Voted Out
Day 33
Fredrik 4–3 7th Voted Out
Day 36
12 "Ditt lilla jävla benrangel, det är jag som bestämmer. Nu jädrar ska du va med här..." 3 November 2011 Hanna N. Fatima6 3–3 8th Voted Out
Day 39
13 "Jag kände mig som en vilsen fågel, jag visste inte var jag skulle flyga någonstans..." 10 November 2011 Mats Sigvald7,
5–2–0 9th & 10th Voted Out
Day 41
Final Challenge Hanna N. No vote 2nd Runner-Up
Ola Runner-Up
Mats Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

^5 The Tribal Council in the beginning of the fifth episode were cancelled. Instead of losing a tribemate (which would have been Michaela), they received a punishment because of Sophie and Hanna S.'s departure.

Episode Quotes[edit]

Translation of the original Swedish episode quotes and who that said it is listed here:

  1. "I had high heels... I didn't have any god damn good panties... nothing at all. But it was only to give it my all!" – Hanna Sakko
  2. "It feels like they are intruders in our territory... I hate when someone says you should do this or you should do that!" – Sana Bardi
  3. "Believe it or not... But I undressing myself naked." – Ola Ahlgren
  4. "Men are hunters and women are feeders..." – Vicky Chand
  5. "We are very different. He is a cop... but we're loving each other." – Ola Ahlgren
  6. "Many of them have psychopathic traits and that bastard has that..." – Mats Kemi
  7. "Eh... it doesn't feel that good to be dumb..." – Denicé Lundevall
  8. "There is a lot here who is under thirty and they don't seem to understand this thing called work..." – Mats Kemi
  9. "I'm not going to risk my life looking for some damn bananas..." – Louise Alvedal
  10. "The atmosphere was already as low it could be... but it was of course not, it was possible to bring down the mood even a little lower..." – Sigvald Harryson
  11. "Mats five and a half years old playing as cop..." – Ola Ahlgren
  12. "You little frigging skeleton, I am the one in charge here. You should be damn listening now..." – Ola Ahlgren
  13. "I felt like a lost bird, I didn't know where I would fly..." – Louise Alvedal

Voting History[edit]

Original Tribes New Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Fanny Sana Sophie None5 Johan
6/7 votes
4/7 votes
No vote
5/6 votes
No vote
5/6 votes
No vote
8/9 votes
5/8 votes
4/7 votes
3/6 votes
Sigvald7 Hanna N.
Lisa Petra Hanna S. Louise7 Ola
Voter Vote
Mats Viktoriya Michaela Hjalmtyr Denicé Fatima Fatima Final
Ola Viktoriya Hjalmtyr Hjalmtyr Denicé Fatima Fatima Louise
Hanna N. Sigvald Hjalmtyr Hjalmtyr Denicé Fredrik Sigvald
Louise Sigvald Hjalmtyr Hjalmtyr Ola Fredrik Sigvald Ola
Sigvald Viktoriya Returns Michaela Hjalmtyr Denicé Fredrik Fatima Louise
Fatima Michaela Johan Hjalmtyr Hjalmtyr Fredrik Fredrik Sigvald Ola
Fredrik Michaela Johan Hjalmtyr Hjalmtyr Denicé Fatima Ola
Denicé Michaela Johan Michaela Hjalmtyr Fredrik Ola
Hjalmtyr Sigvald Louise Returns Mats Ola
Vicky Michaela Johan Michaela
Love Michaela Johan Michaela
Michaela Fatima Johan Sigvald
Viktoriya Sigvald
Johan Michaela Michaela
Hanna S.

^6 Because of the tied vote between Fatima and Sigvald, they had to compete in a duel to decide who would be eliminated from the game.

^7 Four eliminated contestants came back to vote someone of the remaining contestants into the finale, alongside Hanna N. and Mats. All of the contestants besides the finalists could vote, and they could only vote for either Louise, Ola or Sigvald.


  1. ^ Lundberg, Zandra (18 May 2011). "Föll plötsligt ihop – drabbad av blodpropp". Aftonbladet (in Swedish). Archived from the original on 28 August 2011. Retrieved 28 August 2011. 

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