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Robinson Armament Co.
Industry Defense
Founded 1996
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Products Firearms, weapons
Revenue Increase
Number of employees
~ (30)

Robinson Armament Co. is a firearms manufacturer founded in 1996 which is based Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It produces and markets many different civilian and military oriented designs in the United States.

Some of Robinson Armament's better known products include the Stoner 63 derived M96 Carbine, and the Kalashnikov based Vepr series of weapons which are imported from Russia.

The XCR Modular Weapon System has proven to be their most popular, internally designed carbine thus far. It has sold considerably well among civilians, and has enjoyed some success with foreign military units.[citation needed]

SOCOM SPR-V Trials[edit]

In recent years Robinson Armament has shifted focus toward military small arms development. Their RAV02 MC Carbine defeated entries from Knight's Armament Company and Lewis Machine and Tool in the SOCOM SPR-V trials.

The RAV02 MC (Pronounced "RAVE") can be chambered in 5.56 NATO; 7.62×39mm; and 5.45×39mm. It was developed and tested to current military specifications. Soldiers who have shot it preferred it over the M4 Carbine derived products[citation needed]. Even using the 7.62×39mm round, it is as accurate as an M4A1 carbine[citation needed] and can digest steel or brass cased ammunition fed through Kalashnikov type magazines and drums. The Rifle Features the S.I.R. (Swan Integrated Rail System) which give the rifle Accessory Rails (Picatinny Rails) at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 O'clock positions. Reliability is advertised as being superior the M4 Carbine.

This was followed by the advanced XCR Modular Weapon System which was a competitor in the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) SOF Combat Assault Rifle trials.


The M96 is based on the Stoner 63 Weapon System designed by Eugene Stoner and used by the U.S Navy Seals in Vietnam. The Stoner 63's receiver, using a variety of modular components, could be configured as a rifle, carbine, a top fed light machine gun, a belt fed squad automatic weapon, or a vehicle mounted weapon. The M96 has been designed with similar modularity in mind but has been simplified for easier maintenance.

The M96 is no longer produced by Robinson Armament


The Robinson Armament XCR is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SOF Combat Assault Rifle[1], or SCAR competition, but was disqualified on a technicality due to late delivery of blank firing adapters. Robinson Armament continued development and the XCR is now being offered to law enforcement, the military and general public. Deliveries of the rifle began in mid-2006.

Future products[edit]

Robinson Armament is expanding the XCR family of weapons with a model chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO. Little is known about this project at this time. On March 8, 2008 Alex Robinson revealed a mock-up with the designation XCR-M.

About the XCR-M, Alex Robinson said, "This will be our full focus after Mar. 15. We'll post images soon. Just to mess with your minds, I'm going to post some pictures of our original design with the G3 magazine. The rifle will change quite a bit, but it's something to get your juices going on."[citation needed]

It has since been revealed the XCR-M will use SR25 magazines


The words in the Robinson Armament Co. logo Aut Pax Aut Bellum come from the Scottish Robinson coat of arms. They are Latin and are translated as, "Either Peace or War". Robinson Armament decided to use them in their logo because arms of all types may be used for either peace or war.

Both the Motto and Crest, Aut Pax Aut Bellum and a Sword held in an upraised hand are of the Clan Gunn, of which Robinson is a sept. The Robinson family motto is actually Foi est tout ("Faith is All").

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