Robledo Mountains

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The Robledo Mountains are a mountain range in Doña Ana County, New Mexico just northwest of Las Cruces. The range was named for Pedro Robledo, who died on May 21, 1598 and was buried nearby.[1] Robledo was the first casualty of the Oñate expedition, sent to colonize the upper Rio Grande valley. A native of Toledo, Spain, Robledo was accompanied on the expedition by his wife and five children.

These Mountains are home to world famous Early Permian trackways of invertebrates and vertebrates. The main locality was recently designated the 100th active national monument in the United States, and named Prehistoric Trackways National Monument. Rock outcrops in the area preserve numerous examples of Early Permian trackways. These trackways include prints of Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus, Eryops, Cacops and many other small pelycosaurs.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 32°24′17″N 106°54′0″W / 32.40472°N 106.90000°W / 32.40472; -106.90000