Robley Wilson

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Robley Wilson
Born(1930-06-15)June 15, 1930
Brunswick, Maine, U.S.
DiedAugust 7, 2018(2018-08-07) (aged 88)
Orlando, Florida, U.S.
OccupationPoet, writer, editor
Alma materUniversity of Iowa, Bowdoin College
Charlotte Lehon
(m. 1955⁠–⁠1990)
Susan Hubbard
(m. 1995⁠–⁠2018)

Robley Wilson (June 15, 1930 – August 7, 2018) was an American poet, writer, and editor. Educated at Bowdoin College, B.A., 1957; Indiana University, graduate study, 1960; University of Iowa, M.F.A., 1968. Married Charlotte Lehon, August 20, 1955 (divorced, 1990); married fiction writer Susan Hubbard in 1995;[1] two sons: (first marriage) Stephen, Philip, two stepdaughters: Kate and Clare, and two grandchildren, Sam and Kate.


Wilson taught creative writing at the University of Northern Iowa from 1964 to 1996, and from 1969 to 2000 was editor of the North American Review, a university-owned magazine which twice won the National Magazine Award for Fiction administered by the American Society of Magazine Editors. The magazine was a finalist in the fiction category six times.

Wilson had been visiting writer at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop, Beloit College, Northwestern University, Pitzer College, and the University of Central Florida.

A short film, Favorites, adapted from Wilson's short story, produced and directed by Tracy Facelli, premiered at the 2017 Film Prize: Memphis; it features Jeff Boyet and Nettie Kraft in the lead roles. Another short film, based on his story "Terrible Kisses". features Saffron Burrows and Jack Davenport; it was screened in 2004 at the Rushes Short Film Festival in London's Soho district, has been seen on Sky television in the U.K., and is still available on YouTube. Wilson's screenplay Paradise was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Screenwriting Expo competition.

Co-edited with Susan Hubbard, ("The Society of S" [2007], "The Year of Disappearances" [2008]), and "The Season of Risks" [2010]), 100% Pure Florida Fiction, an anthology of Florida short stories written since 1985 (University Press of Florida, 2000).

Co-founded literary consultancy, Blue Garage, with Susan Hubbard .



Poetry collections[edit]

  • Everything Paid For. University Press of Florida. 1999. ISBN 978-0-8130-1716-7.
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  • Kingdoms of the Ordinary. University of Pittsburgh Press. 1987. ISBN 978-0-8229-3557-5.
  • Returning to the Body. LaCrosse WI: Juniper Press. 1977. ISBN 978-1-55780-019-0.




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