RoboCup Small Size League

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The RoboCup Small Size League (SSL) is one of the RoboCup soccer leagues.

Two teams of six robots which are limited to an 18 cm diameter and 15 cm height play soccer with an orange golf ball. They are identified and tracked by four overhead cameras connected to an off-field computer. The field size is 9metersx6meters. Then robots' and balls' status including their position and id are sent to teams' computers. Their AI software sends commands to the robots based on the vision data.


Small Size Teams[edit]

Team Country
Anorak  Pakistan
Austrian Cubes  Austria
B-Smart  Germany
Botnia  Finland
CMDragons  USA
Cyrus  Iran
Eagle Knights  México
ER-Force  Germany
Fantasia  China
Farzanegan  Iran
FURGBol  Brazil
GEAR - USP  Brazil
Immortals  Iran
KgpKubs  India
Khainui  Thailand
KIKS  Japan
KN2C  Iran
MRL  Iran
NEUIslanders  Northern Cyprus
Omid  Iran
Parsian  Iran
Plasma-Z  Thailand
RFC Cambridge  USA
RoboCats  USA
RoboDragons  Japan
RoboFEI  Brazil
RoboIME  Brazil
RoboJackets  USA
RoboPET  Brazil
RoboTeam Twente  The Netherlands
Salam  Saudi Arabia
Skuba  Thailand
Small Size Holland  The Netherlands
STOx's  Colombia
Strive  China
Thunderbots FC  Canada
Tigers Mannheim  Germany
UMass Minutebots  USA
Warthog Robotics  Brazil
Wright Eagle  China
ZJUNlict  China