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Created by Lila Rose
Carolyn Hay
Voices of Neil Crone
Ted Dykstra
Scott Thompson
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 52
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Portfolio Entertainment
Helix Animation
Original network Teletoon
Fox Kids
Animania HD
Original release 2002 (2002) -
2003 (2003)

Roboroach is a Canadian animated television series, which ran on Teletoon in Canada and Fox Kids in Europe. It follows the story of a cockroach named Rube and his brother Reg. While scavenging for food, as seen in the opening, Rube is caught and experimented on. His brother saves him, but when they jump in an electrical outlet, Rube is transformed forever into a roboroach, a half-robot half-cockroach. After that he swears to use his powers only for the good of everyone and never for personal use, unfortunately for Reg.


  • Ruben "Rube" Roach has been turned into a "super-bug" thanks to being captured and experimented on before he hopped into an electrical outlet and transformed into RoboRoach and since that day he serves as the superhero of the fictional town of Vexberg. He always thinks of the others before himself and never accepts gifts of gratitude, and that's the reason why he and his brother live in poverty. Rube is also quite childish, naïve and believes almost everything anyone tells him. He has three pet lice and a "larvy" doll that he can't sleep without. His robotic superpowers include transforming into almost anything, from washing machines to scouters and from planes to toilets. He is voiced by Scott Thompson
  • Reginald "Reg" Roach is Rube's older, and shorter, brother who always tries to get rich but always fails. He is overambitious and cares only about himself. Reg tries to use his brother's powers to obtain money but Rube always turns down reward offers because, as he says: "A good deed is its own reward!". That infuriates Reg as he is also quite selfish and hot-tempered. This often causes him a lot of trouble. However he is still Rube's big brother regardless and there are times he can cast his own greed and anger aside just for his big younger brother whenever he believes he might lose his brother and more, showing us he truly cares for his brother and loves him as much as Rube does for him. His catchphrase is "Why me? why me? Why all the time me?" with slight variations according to the episode. He could be described as an Ever-failing character. Reg is voiced by Ted Dykstra.
  • Mayor Mierworm is the mayor of Vexburg. she does not like Rube or Reg and thinks of them as menaces. Once she even tried to blame them for a crime they never committed, just to get rid of them. As a politician she is not very good but seemingly Mayor Mierworm gets re-elected quite often.
  • Skeeter Jettings is the main reporter in the series and can be found announcing the news on Reg and Rube's TV. His name is a spoof on Peter Jennings.
  • The police chief is Roboroach's friend and chief of the police station. Also known for his giggle.
  • Doc is the Roach brothers' personal physician.
  • Sterling Überbucks is CEO and owner of his company "Überbucks Dynamic Concerns". He and his helper Toadie are always trying to get richer at the cost of anything. Sterling has a nephew Stewie Jr., an evil twin brother named Carling and a great-great-great grandfather named Sterling Überrucks The Very 1st.


  • Mandible Lecter, a dangerous murderer, kidnaps innocent bugs and eats them.
  • Widow Black, a black widow, who marries bugs.
  • The Exterminator, a war-fanatic with a German accent is considered to be a mercenary.
  • F. Lee Brain, a mad scientist that is bent on conquering the world with the help of his henchman Slug.
  • The Disciplinarian/Ms.Conduct, a former teacher to Rube and Reg.

Episode list[edit]

Season one[edit]

  • 1.Reg Bugs Out / Little Big Mouth
  • 2.Pains, Drains, and Robomobiles / Jungle Bugs
  • 3.Fitness Bug / Runaway Roaches
  • 4.Popsicle Pest / Weakened Gladiators
  • 5.Sugar Mommy / X-Pet
  • 6.Bed- Ridden Bug / Robo Roach: The Movie
  • 7.Two Bugs and a Baby / Überland
  • 8.Santa's Bitter Helper / Flushed-Aways
  • 9.Robo Watch / Sins of the Teacher
  • 10.Rube Awakenings / Battling For Uberbucks
  • 11.Bug tusslers / Death of a Salesbug
  • 12.Revenge of the Fleabrain / Ghost Bunglers
  • 13.Mite Makes Wrong / Good Deed Day
  • 14.The Flying Roachinis /Cowbugs
  • 15.Political Partying / Bugfoot Tetish
  • 16.Bugs With Gas / Insectizoids
  • 17.Vexburg 500 / Guilty Please
  • 18.Family Feud / Robo Reg
  • 19.Under The Rainbow / Bed Bug Walking
  • 20.Sluggies / Delivery Bugs
  • 21.Jockey Shorts / The RoboRoach Show
  • 22.The Big Bug Sleep / Prehistoric Pest
  • 23.Ruby's Slippers / The President's Brain Is Missing
  • 24.Club Dead / Omega Mites
  • 25.The Great Reginini / Dustmites Come Home
  • 26.The High Cost Of Laughing / Loco Hero

Season two[edit]

  • 27.Shuttle Bugs / Rememberizing Rube
  • 28.Ship Of Foods /Pipe Reams
  • 29.CopRoach Academy / Tooth For A Tooth
  • 30.Überpops / Ballwashers Championship
  • 31.Office Hours / Miss Vexburg
  • 32.The Dapper Dandies Of Dusty Gulch / Of Lice And A Men
  • 33.Spelunkheads / Giggling Island
  • 34.Reggie's Hero / Gourmet Rude
  • 35.Mystic Warbugs / X Hits The Spot
  • 36.The Miracle Of Girth / The Purse Of The Mummy
  • 37.A Pair Au Pairs / Shocking Tales
  • 38.Reality Bytes / Debonairhead
  • 39.Elves' Night Off / Loose Sleuths
  • 40.Death Takes A Half Day / Übertrain
  • 41.The Sacrificial Ham / Bug Brother Is Watching
  • 42.Love Bugs
  • 43.WereRoach / Remote Control Roach
  • 44.No Pain No Weight Gain / El Regidente
  • 45.Sins Of The Teacher II / Robo Reunion
  • 46.Opposites Detract / Robo Nurse
  • 47.Night Of The Living Beds / Superhero Sampler
  • 48.Reggie's Eleven / Easter Charade
  • 49.It's A Mad Mad Mad Reg / Gold Fever
  • 50.Spitting Images / Youth Juice
  • 51.The Living Bro / The Fly Who Loved Me
  • 52.Road To Ubugme / Ticking Time Bug

The show Extermination! in the episode "Battling For Uberbucks / Death of a Salesbug" is a play of the reality show Survivor.

The episode "Revenge of the Fleabrain" parodies Superman.

The series is based on true stories about Japanese scientists, which implanted cameras and mini-computers in cockroaches, and send them into disaster zones, to look for life signs.[citation needed]

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