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Original author(s) Randall Munroe
Initial release January 14, 2008; 10 years ago (2008-01-14)
Written in Perl
Platform Internet Relay Chat
Type IRC bot
License GNU General Public License

Robot9000 (r9k) is an open-source chat moderation script developed in 2008 by Randall Munroe.[1] Originally developed to moderate one of Munroe's xkcd-related IRC channels, the software's algorithm has since been adapted to work with other services.


Robot9000 attempts to prevent repetition in IRC channels by temporarily muting users who send messages that are identical to a message that has been sent to the channel before. If users continue to send unoriginal messages, Robot9000 mutes the user for a longer period of time, quadrupling for each unoriginal message the user sends to the channel.[1]


  • Shortly after Munroe's blog post about the script went live, 4chan administrator moot adapted the script to moderate the site's experimental /r9k/ board.[2]
  • offers Robot9000 ("r9k mode") as an optional feature for broadcasters and moderators to use in their channels' chat boxes.[3]


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