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R.A.T.S. logo

R.A.T.S., an acronym for Robot Anti-Terror Squad (also sometimes known as Battle R.A.T.S.), was a short-lived robot and vehicle toy-line created by Tomy and released in Europe in the early 1980s. The toyline consisted primarily of recolored robots and vehicles from Starriors, an American toyline also created by Tomy, but also featured additional vehicles not seen in the Starriors line. The primary gimmick of each toy was some example of wind-up automation, such as a rotating weapon or tool, or an electronic automation, such as firing discs or locomotion.

The only backstory for the toys was that which was provided on the packaging itself (in English, French and Italian):

From the depths of space came the enemy battle squadron...hostile hordes of alien robots.

Earth was the prize they fought for and Earth was their battleground. But they were not prepared for Earth's last line of defence... An army created to crush and destroy any invader. They're the ultimate weapon — the last line of defence of Planet Earth.

They're fierce. They're mean. They'll take on anybody ...anything! They're R.A.T.S.! The Robot Anti-Terror Squad.

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