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The Robot Renegades are a robotic team in the DC Comics universe. Seeking the supremacy of machines over humans, they first appeared as a team in Metal Men #2 (2007). In Metal Men #3, they would assist Will Magnus in defeating the Death Metal Men, although purely for their own reasons.


U.N.I.O.N. - A union of nanobots that can concentrate themselves into "one" single massive robot or "disperse" themselves in order to infiltrate other machines. Later inhabited the body of a robot duplicate of T. O. Morrow, and though repeated requests to be exposed to the Karmarak's radiation to escape it, he was denied it by the Metal Men as the same radiation would have reawakened the Death Metal Men.

Warbox - The walking Arsenal. Its head is shaped like a bear's. A reel-to-reel tape player is attached to its chest (It says it "can't fight without music"). L-Ron implies he was commissioned for a Japanese singer.

Body X - A mechanical brain in a living woman's body. It sacrificed the woman's body in Metal Men #3 in order to destroy the Death Metal Men.

L-Ron - Alien robot - formerly a heroic ally to the Justice League, now standing against humanity for unknown reasons.

Manhunter Lud - Part of the proto peacekeepers of the universe, the Manhunters, he has an eyepatch over his right eye. Later revealed to be an agent of The Nameless, covering the Nameless' signature Eye of Ra emblem under his eyepatch.

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