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A robotic pet is an artificially intelligent machine made in the image of an animal commonly kept as a pet. There are a variety of robotic pets such as dogs, cats, and birds. Robotic pets may also include things not normally considered pets, like Pleo, a simulation robotic dinosaur. Some people even treat these robots as actual pets. A very popular robotic pet is Tekno the Robotic Puppy [1]

Robot pets also keep elderly people from being depressed and also keep them active. In New Zealand, a study was conducted on elders to show the impact of robotic pets on their mental well-being and standards of living. The study found that the senior adults who interacted with the pets had a much more beneficial outlook on life, including a more positive mindset.[2] The company Tombot created a prototype robotic pet that is specifically for elders who are lonely and have low-budgets. These pets will promote an easier yet more affordable lifestyle for older adults and a more low maintenance way to have the companionship of a pet.[3]

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