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Robotkid is the alias of Josh Randall, an electronic dance musician, video artist, and video game developer from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Along with PK, he was part of the mid-1990s synthcore band Institute of Technology.[1] He is the former Creative Director at Harmonix Music Systems, the video game studio responsible for the Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band series. Prior to Harmonix, Randall worked for Looking Glass Studios. Like Freezepop, whose Kasson Crooker also works for Harmonix, Robotkid's music has made appearances on the studio's game releases.



Institute of Technology[edit]

  • The Return of the Bass EP (1994, self-released)
  • "Smart Bomb" (split 7" with Sirensong) (1994, Breakfast)
  • Hellscape compilation (1995, Furnace) (songs: "Justfiable Homiside" and "Dub B-Yond All Computation")
  • Accidents Have No Holidays compilation (1995, Povertech) (song: "Excerpt from Spacejam 2000")
  • Operation Beatbox compilation (1996, Re-Constriction) (song: "King of Rock")
  • Boston Elektro 101 compilation (1996, Sinless) (song: "Mizerable")
  • TV Terror compilation (1997, Re-Constriction) (song: "Mary Tyler Moore")
  • Killing Floor – "Come Together" CD single (1997, Re-Constriction) (song: "Tear It All Away" (Institute of Technology remix))
  • Digital Wings 1 compilation (1997, Cyberden) (song: "Smartbeets")


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