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A robotoid is a fictional "artificial lifeform" that is created through processes that are totally different from cloning or synthetics.[1] In short; the cybernetic equivalent of a "humanoid."

Perhaps the first mention of "robotoid" was in the Lost in Space episode War of the Robots which originally aired on February 9, 1966 and credits Robby the Robot as a "robotoid" and William Bramley and Ollie O'Toole as uncredited "robotoid voice" actors.[2] In the episode, the Lost in Space robot says: "It is more than a is a robotoid." The robot goes on to explain that as a robot, it is constrained by its programming, whereas the robotoid has the capability of making a choice.[3][4] The episode is described as: "The family's robot is seemingly replaced when Will repairs a robotoid from an advanced civilization - until the new machine wreaks havoc by trying to take over the ship."[5]

Piers Anthony's short story Getting Through University, which may have been published as early as 1967/1968 in the science fiction magazine Worlds of If, mentions a robotoid.[6]

In April 1968, Marvel Comics released Avengers #51 which introduced "The Robotoid".[7]

On December 20, 1978, the Battle of the Planets TV series episode Rage of the Robotoids was released.[8]

According to Peter Beter in his May 28, 1979 Dr. Peter David Better Audio Letter #46 series of audiobooks, organic robotoid technology is being made to make nearly exact copies of important people. One organization that allegedly uses such classified technology is the Illuminati. Robotoids are "manufactured" first by copying the memory of an entire brain. A holographic image is made of the host’s brain and that is transferred into the biological matter functioning as a brain of the robotoid, but adjustments have to be taught and programmed into the mind of the robotoid since the body and brain of the robotoid are not identical to the original person being copied.[1]

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