Robson Arms

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Robson Arms
Robson Arms title screen
Created byGary Harvey
Susin Nielsen
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes39
Executive producersGary Harvey
Susin Nielsen
Brian Hamilton
Running time22 minutes
Original release
ReleaseJune 17, 2005 (2005-06-17) –
June 30, 2008 (2008-06-30)

Robson Arms is a Canadian television series that began airing on CTV on June 17, 2005 and ended on June 30, 2008. Robson Arms is a co-production between Vancouver-based Omni Film Productions Limited and Halifax's Creative Atlantic Communications.

The show is a comedy-drama (dramedy) anthology organized around the Robson Arms, an apartment building in Vancouver, at the fictional address of 951 Pendrell Street. Each of the show's episodes focuses principally on a different tenant of the building, although the core cast members interact in minor roles throughout the series. In each episode, the Troubadours comment on the storyline through song.

The show was created to fulfill a licensing requirement of CTV's Vancouver station, CIVT, which originally promised, as an independent station, to produce 20 episodes of an anthology series entitled The Storytellers. Only ten such episodes were produced. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) did not agree that CIVT's new network programming supplanted this commitment and asked the station to fulfill its promise.[1] CTV believed the anthology would be more successful as a series with common characters, and Robson Arms was the result.

Two of the show's regular cast members, Gabrielle Miller and Fred Ewanuick, appeared in this series concurrent with their continuing roles in another CTV production, Corner Gas.

The series currently airs in reruns on CTV's secondary CTV Two system.

Cast and characters[edit]

The season(s) during which each actor has been included in the main cast are marked in black. White square means the actor doesn't appear in that season at all.

Actor(s) Character Appearances
S 1 S 2 S 3
Tom Saunders The Tall Troubadour
Jason Dedrick The Not as Tall Troubadour
John Cassini Yuri Kukoc
Helena Yea Grandma Tan
Colin Foo Bao Tan
Gabrielle Rose Toni Mastroianni-Tan
Justine Wong Ruby Tan
Zak Santiago Hal Garcia
Alisen Down Sault Ste. Marie
David Richmond-Peck Geoff McAlister
Fred Ewanuick Nick Papathanasiou
Kevin McNulty Stanley Wasserman
Haig Sutherland Fred Fochs
Jane McGregor Alicia Plecas-Fochs
Gabrielle Miller Bobbi Briggs
Tobias Mehler Bobby Briggs
William B. Davis Dr. Carlisle Wainwright
Margot Kidder Elaine Wainwright
Jim Tai Ricky Tan
Maxine Miller Beatrice Dubois
Shirley Douglas Pauline Dubois
Mark McKinney Tom Goldblum
Megan Follows Janice Keneally
Peter DeLuise Wayne Ross
Laura Bertram Chris Colton
Gabriel Hogan Andrew Colton
Linda Kash Carol Goldstein
Tegan Moss Georgie Goldstein
Bill Mondy Val Kukoc
April Telek Sasha Kowalski
Allison Hossack Trixie Hoskins
Dave Foley Chuck Hoskins

Robson Arms, the Building[edit]

The structure used as the apartment building is not located in Vancouver's West End, but rather is located at 951 Boundary Road on the east side of the City of Vancouver. It is called Taylor Manor, and is on the City of Vancouver's historic building registry.[2] The skyscraper skyline behind the building is superimposed to make it look like it is located in Vancouver's West End.


Season 1 (2005)[edit]

Episode # Original Air Date (CTV) Episode Title
1 June 17, 2005 Dancing the Horizontal Mambo
2 June 17, 2005 The Tell-Tale Latex
3 June 24, 2005 The Eyes of Grandma Tan
4 June 24, 2005 ICQ
5 July 1, 2005 A Certain Vintage
6 July 1, 2005 Sweet City Woman
7 July 8, 2005 Hairpiece of Mind
8 July 8, 2005 A Material Breach
9 July 15, 2005 The Lonely Passion of Mr. Tan
10 July 15, 2005 Educating Alicia
11 July 22, 2005 The Recipe
12 July 22, 2005 The Misses Dubois Turn Out the Lights
13 July 29, 2005 Aftershock

Season 2 (2007)[edit]

Episode # Original Air Date (CTV) Episode Title
1 February 10, 2007 Ordinary Assholes
2 February 17, 2007 Saultology
3 February 24, 2007 I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman
4 March 3, 2007 Something Straight Between Us
5 March 10, 2007 Mr. Lonely
6 February 27, 2007 Pest Control
7 March 17, 2007 Misery, Inc.
8 March 12, 2007 The Daughter of Frankenstein
9 March 24, 2007 Wayne's World
10 March 31, 2007 Mussolini and Me
11 April 7, 2007 All About Kitty
12 April 14, 2007 Lizard of Doubt
13 April 21, 2007 Texas Birthmark

Season 3 (2008)[edit]

Episode # Original Air Date (CTV) Episode Title
1 February 26, 2008 Gila Monster
2 February 27, 2008 Geeks in Love
3 May 5, 2008 Positivity
4 May 12, 2008 I Pagliacci
5 April 28, 2008 Mean Girls
6 May 19, 2008 Prince of Nigeria
7 May 26, 2008 Wrong and Wronger
8 June 2, 2008 No Sex in the City
9 March 10, 2008 Cherchez la Femme
10 June 16, 2008 Trixie's Honour
11 June 23, 2008 Baby? What Baby?
12 June 24, 2008 My Brother's Keeper
13 June 30, 2008 Hero

Home media[edit]

Video Service Corp has released all 3 seasons on DVD in Region 1.

DVD Name Ep# Release date
The Complete First Season 13 April 3, 2007
The Complete Second Season 13 November 6, 2007
The Complete Third Season 13 September 23, 2008


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