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Robin Orlyn (born 1955) is a South African dancer and choreographer, born in Johannesburg.

Nicknamed in South Africa " a permanent irritation ", she is well known for reflecting the difficult and complex realities in her country. Integrating different media (text, video, plastic arts.) she investigates a certain theatrical reality which has enabled her to find her unique choreographic vocabulary.


  • 1990 : If You Can’t Change the World Change Your Curtains
  • 1996 : Naked on a goat (prix FNB Vita)
  • 1999 : Daddy, I’ve Seen This Piece Six Times Before and I Still Don’t Know Why They’re Hurting Each Other
  • 2000 : F.(Untitled) (On Trying to Understand a Classic)
  • 2001 : The future may be bright, but it’s not necessarily orange… in collaboration with Ann Crosset
  • 2001 : 'We Must Eat Our Suckers With the Wrapper On
  • 2002 : Ski-Fi-Jenni
  • 2004 : Although I live inside... my hair will always reach towards the sun... in collaboration with Sophiatou Kossoko
  • 2005 : When I Take Off My Skin and Touch the Sky With My Nose, Only Then Can I See Little Voices Amuse Themselves
  • 2006 : Hey dude... I have talent I'm just waiting for God in collaboration with Vera Mantero
  • 2007 : L'Allegro, il penseroso ed il moderato (F. Haendel) a piece for Opéra national de Paris - the Paris national Opera
  • 2010 : Call it..Kissed by the Sun..Better still the Revenge of Geography Création por et avec Ibrahim Sissoko; Première: 19. January 2010 Paris at the Théatre de la Ville - Théatre des Abesses


  • 2005 : Hidden beauties Dirty stories

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