Roc'h Trevezel

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Roc'h Trevezel
Bretagne Finistere RocTrevezel 1991 002.jpg
Roc'h Trevezel in July 1991
Highest point
Elevation384 m (1,260 ft) [1]
Coordinates48°24′36″N 03°54′27″W / 48.41000°N 3.90750°W / 48.41000; -3.90750Coordinates: 48°24′36″N 03°54′27″W / 48.41000°N 3.90750°W / 48.41000; -3.90750
Roc'h Trevezel is located in France
Roc'h Trevezel
Roc'h Trevezel
Location in western France
LocationFinistère, France
Parent rangeMonts d'Arrée

Roc'h Trevezel is the second peak of the Breton part of the Armorican Massif in the Monts d'Arrée. Just like the Signal of Toussaines, it reaches 384 metres (1,260 ft) in altitude. It is located in the commune of Plounéour-Ménez, near Roc'h Ruz, the highest point of the Monts d'Arrée in Brittany.

Roc'h Trevezel is the highest peak on the Paris–Brest–Paris bicycle route.


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