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Rocío Boliver

Rocío Boliver is a Mexican performance artist who creates body art about the repression of women in Mexico. In 1992, Boliver began her career as a performance artist reading her porno-erotic writings.[1] Boliver has a background in video and Mexican theatre. From 1994-2007 she worked in theatre projects, performance and contemporary art, collaborating with the playwright Juan José Gurrola .[2] Boliver has performed at a variety of venues such as museums, raves, universities, galleries, activist meetings and TV programs.[3] An underground cultural icon in Mexico, Boliver is part of a Goth-art scene, and has presented works at alternative forums such as the Sadomasochism National Festival.[4] Boliver's work has been presented in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.[4]


Rocío Boliver was born in Mexico City in 1956.[5] Boliver studied dance and philosophy.[3] In 1992, Boliver began reading her porno-erotic texts, which focus on sexually repressive ideologies towards Mexican women.[2] From 1998-2008 Boliver collaborated with an electropanic music ensemble called Binaria, combining sound art and performance art.[3] Boliver studied performance art at the Tisch School for the Arts, New York University with Richard Schechner, and history of performance in Arts Plastiques du Cégep de l'Abitibi, Quebec, Canada.[5] In 2002, Boliver published her first book Saber Escoger.[6] Boliver contributes writings to alternative sexual magazines and regularly lectures.[3][4]


Boliver has exhibited works in the museums Ex Teresa Arte Actual (INBA) and El Museo Experimental El Eco (UNAM).[5] Boliver has been awarded the 2013 National System of Creators scholarship from FONCA, CONACULTA; the 2010 Residence Fellowship, Ladines, Art Research Center, Government of the Principality of Asturias, Spain; and finally the 2008 Scholarship support through Cultural and Joint Investment Projects FONCA-The National Council for Culture and the Arts, Project Sweet sixteen and still virgin, retrospective exhibition.[4] Boliver teaches performance art workshops in Lisbon, New York, Barcelona and Mexico City.[5]


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