Rocar De Simon U412E

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Rocar De Simon U412E
Rocar trol ct1.jpg
Constanta #625, a Rocar De Simon U412E, on line 48.
Manufacturer ROCAR
Body and chassis
Doors 3 doors
Floor type step entrance
Engine TN76 or TN81/96
Power output 125 or 150 KW
Transmission Roman Brasov

Rocar De Simon U412E is a model of trolleybus that was manufactured by Rocar, in Romania, in 1997 and 2002. A total of only 19 were produced, 18 equipped with DC motors and one with an AC motor. Two were delivered to the Bucharest trolleybus system, #7454 and #7459 (the one on AC), another two were delivered to Cluj and the remaining 15 were delivered to Constanta. Models sent to Constanta are equipped with resistor controller instead of electronic chopper. [1][2] Although bus version was also available with 2 doors, U412E was only built on the 3 doors body. Transmission of all U412E is from AUTOCAMIOANE BRASOV, probably because the motor is somehow identical to the DAC/ROCAR 112/117/212/217. Although it was meant as a replacement for 112/117/212/217 series, they were built in parallel. Like its bus counterpart, it had no articulated version built by ROCAR. Low Floor 812E or/and ROCAR Solaris Urbino were designed as its successors, but ROCAR went bankrupt.

5 Trolleybuses U412E were sent from Constanta to Piatra Neamt in early 2015, as Constanta gave up trolleybuses use in 2010. All 5 are in operation, and it is expected for the other 10 to be sent to Piatra Neamt or other cities if needed. Ratb still operates one , #7459. #7454 was scrapped.

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