Rochdale Castle

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Rochdale Castle is located in Greater Manchester
Rochdale Castle
Map showing the location of Rochdale Castle within Greater Manchester.

Rochdale Castle was a motte-and-bailey castle in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England (grid reference SD89121286).[1] It was built in the period shortly after the Norman conquest of England.[2] The motte is 100 feet (30 m) at the base; the bailey is rectangular and lies to the south and measures 120 feet (37 m) by 100 feet (30 m).[1] The defences consisted of an earth rampart and ditch. The castle was abandoned in the early 13th century.[1] It was documented in 1322.[3] Buildings have been erected over the castle bailey and in the 19th century a house was built on the motte.[4]

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Coordinates: 53°36′43″N 2°09′52″W / 53.611987°N 2.164396°W / 53.611987; -2.164396