Rochester Community Players production history

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Production history of The Rochester Community Players[1]

Performance locations[edit]

German House: Gregory Street, Rochester NY

Lyceum: The former Lyceum Theater, Clinton Avenue, Rochester

Playhouse: The RCP Playhouse, South Clinton Avenue and Goodman Street, Rochester

East High School: East High School (Rochester, New York) Auditorium

Xerox Auditorium: The auditorium at the Xerox Tower, South Clinton and Broad Street, Rochester

Nazareth: Performing Arts Center Auditorium, Nazareth College

MCC: Monroe Community College Auditorium, Brighton NY

The Harley School: Clover Street, Pittsford NY

Holiday Inn Downtown: 120 East Main Street, Rochester

Bottsford: the former orcott-Bottsford School of Dance, East Avenue, Pittsford

New Life: New Life Presbyterian Church, Monroe Avenue & Rosedale Street, Rochester

Highland Bowl: Highland Park Bowl, South Avenue, Rochester

Theater Arts Playhouse: Five Mile Line Road, Penfield NY

Blessed Sacrament: Blessed Sacrament Church, Monroe Avenue, Rochester

RAPA: Rochester Academy of Performing Arts, East Main Street, Rochester

MuCCC: Multiple-use Community Cultural Center, 142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester


Production Author Location Opening date Director
Wedding Bells Field, Salisbury German House 25-01-19 Jones, Franklin
The Charm School Miller/Milton German House 25-02-23 Curtis, Eugene
Expressing Willie Crothers, R. German House 25-04-20 Haak, Friedrick
Dulcy Kaufman, G. & Connelly, M German House 25-10-05 Stevens, Robert
In the Next Room Robson, E. & Ford, Harriet German House 25-11-04 Stevens, Robert
The Goose Hangs High Beach, Lewis German House 25-12-07 Stevens, Robert
Kick In Mack, William Lyceum 26-01-05 Stevens, Robert
Ensmeared "Ravid, George" West Webster

Metropolitan Opera House

Three Old Meddlers Gould, E. Hull German House 26-02-04 Stevens, Robert
Outward Bound Vane, Sutton German House 26-03-11 Stevens, Robert
Captain Applejack Hackett, W Playhouse 26-11-01 Stevens, Robert
Adam & Eve Bolton, G & Middleton, G Playhouse 26-12-06 Stevens, Robert
Grumpy Hodges, H. & Percyval, TW Playhouse 27-01-10 Stevens, Robert
Smilin' Through MartinA. Playhouse 27-02-07 Stevens, Robert
Ensnarled David, G. Playhouse 27-03-07 Stevens, Robert
Arms and the Man Shaw, GB Playhouse 27-04-18 Stevens, Robert
Nothing But the Truth Montgomery, J. Playhouse 27-05-16 Stevens, Robert
Pals First Dodd, LW Playhouse 27-10-03 Stevens, Robert
Icebound Davis, O. Playhouse 27-10-31 Stevens, Robert
The Whole Town is Talking Emerson, J. & Loos, A. Playhouse 27-11-28 Stevens, Robert
Spread Eagle Lister, W. & Brooks, G. Playhouse 28-01-02 Stevens, Robert
So This is London GoodrichA. Playhouse 28-01-30 Stevens, Robert
Jane Clegg Clegg, St. J. Playhouse 28-02-27 Stevens, Robert
Come Seven Cohen, O.R. Playhouse 28-03-19 Stevens, Robert
Alias the Deacon Hymer, J. & Clemens, L. Playhouse 28-04-09 Stevens, Robert
The Creaking Chair Wilkes, A. T. Playhouse 28-09-21 Stevens, Robert
The Torch Bearers Kelly, G. Playhouse 28-10-19 Stevens, Robert
Silence Marcin, M. Playhouse 28-11-?? Stevens, Robert
Seven Keys to Baldpate Cohan, G. Playhouse 28-12-07 Stevens, Robert
The Queen's Husband Playhouse 29-01-04 Stevens, Robert
Tons of Money Evans, Wm. Playhouse 29-02-01 Stevens, Robert
The Good Hope Heijermans Playhouse 29-03-01 Stevens, Robert
Tea for Three Megrue, R. Playhouse 29-04-01 Stevens, Robert
Treasure Island Stevenson, R. Playhouse 29-10-03 Stevens, Robert
The Show Off Kelly, G. Playhouse 29-11-07 Stevens, Robert
Trelawney of the Wells Pinero, A. Playhouse 29-12-05 Stevens, Robert
Mary the Third Crothers, R. Playhouse 30-01-09 Stevens, Robert
A Voice in the Dark Dyar, R. Playhouse 30-02-13 Stevens, Robert
Aren't We All Lonsdale, F. Playhouse 30-04-21 Stevens, Robert
Beyond the Horizon O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 30-03-20 Stevens, Robert
Two Crooks & a Lady Pillot, E. Playhouse 29-12-16 Culp, G.
The Valiant Hall, Hol. Playhouse 29-12-16 Clark, B.
Suppressed Desires Cook/Glaspell Playhouse 29-12-16 Judd, S.


Production Author Location Opening date Director
The Nineteenth Hole Craven, F. Playhouse 30-10-09 Stevens, Robert
The Wisdom Tooth Connelly, M Playhouse 30-11-13 Stevens, Robert
Alice in Wonderland Carol, L. Playhouse 30-12-?? Stevens, Robert
Salt Water Golden, J. Playhouse 31-01-22 Stevens, Robert
A Little Journey Crothers, R. Playhouse 31-02-19 Stevens, Robert
Skidding RouverolA. Playhouse 31-03-19 Stevens, Robert
Miss Nelly of N'Orleans Eyre, L. Playhouse 31-04-16 Stevens, Robert
The Baby Cyclone Cohan, G.M. Playhouse 31-11-08 Stevens, Robert
Merchants of Glory Pagnol/Nivoix Playhouse 31-11-12 Stevens, Robert
Cradle Song Sierra, G&M Playhouse 31-11-23 Stevens, Robert
The Nut Farm Brownell, JC Playhouse 31-12-10 Stevens, Robert
The Shannons of Broadway Gleason, J. Playhouse 32-01-18 Stevens, Robert
Blazen Judd, S. & Lyon, N. Playhouse 32-02-11 Stevens, Robert
The First Year Craven, Frank Playhouse 32-03-10 Stevens, Robert
The Little Princess Burnett, FH Playhouse 32-03-28 Smith, L.
The Nervous Wreck Davis, O. Playhouse 32-04-14 Stevens, Robert
Little Old New York Young, RJ Playhouse 32-10-06 Stevens, Robert
The Patsy Connors, B. Playhouse 32-11-03 Stevens, Robert
A Christmas Carol Stevens, Robert Playhouse 32-12-?? Stevens, Robert
Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp Dooley, EB Playhouse 32-12-27 Smith, L.
Old Lady 31 Crothers, Rachel Playhouse 33-01-?? Stevens, Robert
Little Accident Dell/Mitchell Playhouse 33-02-?? Stevens, Robert
Iz Zat So ??? Playhouse 33-02-?? Stevens, Robert
Nine till Six StuartA&P Playhouse 33-03-02 Stevens, Robert
New Brooms Craven, F. Playhouse 33-03-?? Stevens, Robert
The Reluctant Dragon Sterns, EG Playhouse 33-04-07 Stevens, Robert
Criminal at Large Wallace, E. Playhouse 33-04-20 Stevens, Robert
Whistling in the Dark Gross, L. Playhouse 33-11-11 Stevens, Robert
One Sunday Afternoon Playhouse 33-10-?? Stevens, Robert
Men Must Fight Lawrence, R. & Lauren, S Playhouse 33-12-09 Stevens, Robert
Mrs. Bumpstead Leigh ??? Playhouse 34-01-?? Stevens, Robert
Three Cornered Moon Tonkonogy, G Playhouse 34-01-27 Stevens, Robert
A Tailor Made Man Smith, Harry Playhouse 34-02-14 Stevens, Robert
The Ghost Train RidleyA. Playhouse 34-03-17 Stevens, Robert
The Patchwork Girl of Oz ??? Playhouse 34-04-02 Smith, L
When Ladies Meet Crothers, R. Playhouse 34-04-21 Stevens, Robert
Her Master's Voice Kummer, C. Playhouse 34-10-13 Stevens, Robert
Invitation to a Murder Kind, R. Playhouse 34-11-10 Stevens, Robert
Judgement Day Rice, Elmer Playhouse 34-12-08 Stevens, Robert
Under the Gas Lights Daly, A. Playhouse 35-01-07 Stevens, Robert
Big Hearted Herbert Kerr, Sophie Playhouse 35-02-02 Stevens, Robert
The Milky Way Root/Clork Playhouse 35-02-22 Stevens, Robert
Outward Bound Vane, S. Playhouse 35-03-23 Stevens, Robert
Claire Willowby Gould, E. Playhouse 35-04-02 Stevens, Robert
School for Husbands Guiterman & Langner Playhouse 35-04-22 Stevens, Robert
The Bishop Misbehaves Jackson, F. Playhouse 35-10-12 Stevens, Robert
Ceiling Zero Playhouse 35-11-09 Stevens, Robert
Post Road Steel/Mitchell Playhouse 35-12-07 Stevens, Robert
Twelfth Night Shakespeare, William Playhouse 36-01-03 Stevens, Robert
Accent on Youth Raphaelson Playhouse 36-01-?? Stevens, Robert
New Brooms Craven, F. Playhouse 36-02-24 Stevens, Robert
Fly Away Home Bennett, D. Playhouse 36-03-14 Stevens, Robert
Children's Revue of 1936 various Playhouse 36-03-27 Read, H.A.S.
A Man Who Married A Dumb Wife France, A. Playhouse 36-04-25 Stevens, Robert
Pierre Patelin Playhouse 36-04-25 Stevens, Robert
Let Us Be Gay Crothers, R. Playhouse 36-10-10 Stevens, Robert
Libel Well, Ed. Playhouse 36-11-07 Stevens, Robert
Black 'Ell Malleson, M Monroe HS 36-11-11
To the Ladies Kaufman, G. & Connelly, M. Playhouse 36-12-?? Stevens, Robert
The Cricket on the Hearth Dickins, C. Playhouse 37-01-02 Stevens, Robert
That's Gratitude Craven, F. Playhouse 37-01-23 Stevens, Robert
The Dead Sister's Secret Davis, J. F. Playhouse 37-02-12 Stevens, Robert
Call it a Day Smith, Dodie Playhouse 37-03-27 Stevens, Robert
The Clinging Vine Sears, Z. Playhouse 37-04-24 Stevens, Robert
The Emperor's New Clothes Chorpenning, C. Playhouse 37-04-10 Smith, L
Confessional Borelle, J. Playhouse 36-11-?? Borelle, J.
The Real McCoy Dodgson, H. Playhouse 36-11-?? Dodgson, H.
Lady and Gent Zurett, R. Playhouse 36-11-?? Zurett, R.
The Widow Barnsfield & The Major Dickinson, Edward Playhouse 37-03-06 Berentsen, R.
The Diary Baxter, M. Playhouse 37-03-06 Clark, B.
Success Story RootA. Playhouse 37-03-06 Judd, S.
Spring Dance Barry, P. Playhouse 37-10-?? Stevens, Robert
Excursion Wolfson, V. Playhouse 37-11-06 Stevens, Robert
Night of January 16 Rand, Ayn Playhouse 37-12-04 Stevens, Robert
Penny Wise Black, Jean Playhouse 38-01-08 Stevens, Robert
One in a Lifetime Hart, M. & Kaufmann, G Playhouse 38-02-05 Stevens, Robert
As Husbands Go Crothers, R. Playhouse 38-03-19 Stevens, Robert
Jack & The Beanstalk Chorpenning Playhouse 38-04-02 Smity, L.
The Fireman's Flame Antwerp, J. Playhouse 38-04-?? Stevens, Robert
The Tin Cup Dickinson, Ed Playhouse 37-11-19 Swart
Spring Piece Phillips, W. Playhouse 37-11-19 Phillips, W.
Spring Fever Hartnett, J. Playhouse 37-11-19 Hartner, J.
Safe Conduct O'Connor, J. Playhouse 38-03-03 O'Connor
Sit Downers Dodgson, H. Playhouse 38-03-03 Dodgson, H.
Old Lady of Lynbrook Caswell, G. Playhouse 38-03-03 Heech, L.
French Without Tears Ratigan, T. Playhouse 38-10-08 Stevens, Robert
Father Malachy's Miracle Doherty, B. Playhouse 38-11-05 Stevens, Robert
Tovarich Deval, J. Playhouse 38-12-03 Stevens, Robert
Tonight at 8:30:

Ways & Means

Still Life Family Album

Coward, N. Playhouse 39-01-07 Stevens, Robert
Big Hearted Herbert Kerr, S. & Richardson, A. Playhouse 39-01-30 Stevens, Robert
Hansel & Gretel Frank, Y. Playhouse 39-03-04 Smith, L.
The Star Wagon Anderson, M. Playhouse 39-03-25 Stevens, Robert
The Lady Has a Heart Bus-Fekete, L. Playhouse 39-04-22 Stevens, Robert
Two Men and a Maid Lee, Richard Playhouse 39-03-06 White, B.
Return from Tomorrow Kimball, RH Playhouse 39-03-06 Judd, S.
Falling of the Tide Dick, Pewilla Playhouse 39-03-06 Tomanovich
Susan & God Crothers, R. Playhouse 39-10-14

Steven, Robert

Our Town Wilder, T. Playhouse 39-11-10 Stevens, Robert
Pinocchio Frank, Y Playhouse 39-11-24 Smith, L.
Idiot's Delight Sherwoo, R. Playhouse 39-12-08 Stevens, Robert
The White Steed Carroll, P.C. Playhouse 40-01-12 Stevens, Robert
Candlelight Geyer, S. Playhouse 40-02-09 Stevens, Robert
Alice in Wonderland Gerstenberg Playhouse 40-03-01 Schroven, M.
Pure as the Driven Snow Loomis, P. Playhouse 40-03-23 Stevens, Robert
My China Doll George, C. Playhouse 40-04-27 Stevens, Robert
Tarbush Dye, J. Playhouse 40-02-23 Judd, S.
Scars of Zalagai Potter, R. Playhouse 40-02-23 Potter, R.
Photo Hobby Tate, WP Playhouse 40-02-23 Parks, Mrs.


Production Author Location Opening date Director
The Guardsman Molnar, F. Playhouse 40-10-19 Stevens, Robert
Two on an Island Rice, Elmer Playhouse 40-11-16 Stevens, Robert
I Killed the Count Coppel, Alec Playhouse 40-12-14 Stevens, Robert
Rumpelstiltskin Gleason, M. Playhouse 40-12-26 Tefft, M.
Margin for Error Booth, C. Playhouse 41-01-11 Stevens, Robert
Young April Rouverol, A. & W. Playhouse 41-02-21 Stevens, Robert
When We are Married Priestly, JB Playhouse 41-02-08 Stevens, Robert
The Bat Rinehart, M. & Hopegood, A. Playhouse 41-03-15 Stevens, Robert
George Washington Slept Here Hart, M. & Kaufman, G. Playhouse 41-04-19 Stevens, Robert
Skylark Raphaelson, S Playhouse 41-10-18 Stevens, Robert
The Male Animal Turber, J. & Nugent, E. Playhouse 41-11-08 Stevens, Robert
Flight to the West Rice, Elmer Playhouse 41-12-06 Stevens, Robert
Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp Dooley, E. Playhouse 41-12-20 Stevens, Robert
Mr. & Mrs. North Davis, O. Playhouse 42-01-10 Stevens, Robert
All the Comforts of Home Gillette, Wm. Playhouse 42-02-07 Stevens, Robert
Adam & Eve Bolton, G. & Middleton, G. Playhouse 42-03-05 Stevens, Robert
Sixteen in August Bennett, D. & Hannah, L. Playhouse 42-04-06 Stevens, Robert & Seibold, Mrs.
Cuckoos on the Hearth Fennelly, P. Playhouse 42-05-02 Stevens, Robert
Claudia Franken, R. Playhouse 42-10-24 Stevens, Robert
Heaven Can Wait Segal, H. Playhouse 42-11-21 Stevens, Robert
Minick Kaufman, G. & Ferber, E. Playhouse 42-12-12 Stevens, Robert
Arsenic & Old Lace Kesselring, J. Playhouse 43-01-16 Stevens, Robert
Papa is All Greene, P. Playhouse 43-02-13 Stevens, Robert
Abie's Irish Rose NicholsA. Playhouse 43-03-27 Stevens, Robert
The First Year Craven, F. Playhouse 43-04-24 Stevens, Robert
My Sister Eileen Fields, J. & Chodorov, J. Playhouse 43-10-16 Stevens, Robert
Guest in the House Wilde, H. & Eunson, D. Playhouse 43-11-13 Stevens, Robert
Charlie's Aunt unlisted Playhouse 43-12-11 Stevens, Robert
Spring Again Leighton, I. & Bloch, B. Playhouse 44-01-15 Stevens, Robert
Uncle Harry Job, Thomas Playhouse 44-02-19 Stevens, Robert
Junior Miss Chodorov, J. & Fields, J. Playhouse 44-03-20 Stevens, Robert
You Can't Take it with You Hart, M. & Kaufman, G. Playhouse 44-04-?? Stevens, Robert
But Not Goodbye Seaton, G. Playhouse 44-10-09 Stevens, Robert
Ladies in Retirement Percy, E. & Denham, R Playhouse 44-11-11 Stevens, Robert
Janie Bentham, J. & Williams, H Playhouse 44-12-09 Stevens, Robert
Village Green Allensworth Playhouse 45-01-13 Stevens, Robert
Three's a Family Ephron, P. & H. Playhouse 45-02-24 Stevens, Robert
The Spider Oursler, F. & Brentano, L. Playhouse 45-03-16 Stevens, Robert
Kiss & Tell Herbert, FH Playhouse 45-05-05 Stevens, Robert
Blithe Spirit Coward, N. Playhouse 45-10-13 Stevens, Robert
Bell for Adano Osborn, P. Playhouse 45-11-10 Stevens, Robert
Over Twenty One Gordon, R. Playhouse 45-12-08 Stevens, Robert
Soldiers Wife Franken, R. Playhouse 46-01-12 Stevens, Robert
Ramshackle Inn Batson, G. Playhouse 46-02-09 Stevens, Robert
The Hasty Heart Patrick, J. Playhouse 46-03-16 Stevens, Robert
My Sister Eileen Fields, J. & Chodorov, J. Playhouse 46-04-20 Stevens, Robert
The Late George Apley Kaufman, G. & Marquand, J. Playhouse 46-10-12 Stevens, Robert
Ten Little Indians Christie, A. Playhouse 46-11-09 Stevens, Robert
Ring Around Elizabeth Armstrong, E. Playhouse 46-12-07 Stevens, Robert
I Remember Mama Durten, J. Playhouse 47-01-11 Stevens, Robert
I Like it Here Shiffrin Playhouse 47-02-08 Stevens, Robert
Dear Ruth Krasna, N. Playhouse 47-03-08 Stevens, Robert
The Hasty Heart Patrick, J. Playhouse 47-04-05 Stevens, Robert
Joan of Lorraine Anderson, M. Playhouse 47-10-11 Stevens, Robert
Years Ago Gordon. R. Playhouse 47-11-08 Stevens, Robert
The Apple of His Eye Nicholson K & Robinson C Playhouse 47-12-06 Stevens, Robert
Hope for the Best McCleery, W Playhouse 48-01-10 Stevens, Robert
Ready Money Montgomery, J. Playhouse 48-02-07 Stevens, Robert
State of the Union Lindsay, H. & Crouse, R. Playhouse 48-03-06 Stevens, Robert
The Fortune Hunter Smith, Win. Playhouse 48-04-10 Stevens, Robert
Life With Father Lindsay, H. & Crouse, R. Playhouse 48-10-?? Stevens, Robert
An Inspector Calls Priestly, J. B. Playhouse 48-11-06 Stevens, Robert
A Date with Judy LeslieA. Playhouse 48-12-04 Stevens, Robert
John Loves Mary Krasna, N. Playhouse 49-01-08 Stevens, Robert
The Thirteenth Chair Weiller, B. Playhouse 49-02-?? Stevens, Robert
It Pays to Advertise Megrue, R. C. & Hackett,W. Playhouse 49-03-12 Stevens, Robert
The Man Who Came to Dinner Kaufman, G. & Hart, M. Playhouse 49-04-23 Stevens, Robert
Belvedere Davenport, G. Playhouse 49-10-08 Stevens, Robert
The Winslow Boy Rattigan, T. Playhouse 49-11-05 Stevens, Robert
See How They Run King, P. Playhouse 49-12-03 Stevens, Robert
Life With Mother Lindsay, H. & Crouse, R. Playhouse 50-01-07 Stevens, Robert
Light Up the Sky Hart, Moss Playhouse 50-02-04 Stevens, Robert
Broken Dishes Flavin, M. Playhouse 50-03-04 Stevens, Robert
Two Blind Mice Spewack, S. Playhouse 50-04-22 Stevens, Robert


Production Author Location Opening date Director
The Silver Whistle Playhouse 50-10-07 Stevens, Robert
The Heiress Goetz, R. Playhouse 50-11-04 Stevens, Robert
Good Housekeeping Cleery, Wm. Playhouse 50-12-02 Stevens, Robert
Harvey Chase, M. Playhouse 51-01-13 Stevens, Robert
What a Life Goldsmith, C. Playhouse 51-02-16 Stevens, Robert
Three Men on a Horse Abbott, G. & Holm, J. Playhouse 51-03-31 Stevens, Robert
Goodbye My Fancy Faynan (?) Playhouse 51-04-28 Stevens, Robert
See Naples and Die Rice, Elmer Playhouse 51-10-06 Stevens, Robert
Gramercy Ghost Holm, J. Playhouse 51-11-03 Stevens, Robert
Father of the Bride Franckl, C. Playhouse 51-12-01 Stevens, Robert
Pinocchio Frank, Y. Playhouse 51-12-28 Smith, L.
Grand National Night Christie, D. & C. Playhouse 52-01-12 Stevens, Robert
Born Yesterday Kanin, G. Playhouse 52-02-09 Stevens, Robert
Varieties of 1952 Playhouse 52-03-08 Stevens, Robert
The Curious Savage Patrick, J. Playhouse 52-04-19 Stevens, Robert
The Happy Time Taylor, S. Playhouse 52-10-04 Stevens, Robert
Second Threshold Barry, P. Playhouse 52-11-01 Stevens, Robert
The Golden State Spewack, S. Playhouse 52-11-29 Stevens, Robert
Affairs of the State Verneuil, L. Playhouse 53-01-03 Stevens, Robert
Room Service Krasna, N. Playhouse 53-01-31 Stevens, Robert
John Loves Mary Krasna, N. Playhouse 53-02-28 Stevens, Robert
The Princess & the Goblin MacDonald, G. Playhouse 53-04-07 Smith, L.
Arsenic & Old Lace Kesselring, J. Playhouse 53-04-18 Stevens, Robert
Remains to be Seen Crouse, R. & Lind, H. Playhouse 53-10-23 Warren, George & Harriet
Angle Street Hamilton, P. Playhouse 53-11-27 Warren, George & Harriet
Stage Door Kaufman, G. & Ferber, E. Playhouse 54-01-15 Warren, George & Harriet
The Flying Gerardoes Nicholson, K. & Robinson, C. Playhouse 54-02-13 Warren, George & Harriet
The Country Girl Odets, C. Playhouse 54-03-26 Warren, George & Harriet
Jack & the Beanstalk Chorpenning Playhouse 54-04-21 Smith, L.
Too Many Husbands Maugham, S. Playhouse 54-05-07 Warren, George & Harriet
The Shadow of the Glen &

Riders to the Sea

Synge, JM Playhouse 54-01-24 Woodruff, H.
Detective Story Kingsley, S. Playhouse 54-10-22 Warren, George & Harriet
Point of No Return Osborn, P. Playhouse 54-11-26 Warren, George & Harriet
Time Out for Ginger Alezander, R. Playhouse 55-01-14 Warren, George & Harriet
The Bishop Misbehaves Jackson, F. Playhouse 55-02-12 Warren, George & Harriet
The Barretts of Whimpole St. Besier, R. Playhouse 55-03-18 Warren, George & Harriet
Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp Dooley, E. Playhouse 55-04-14 Smith, L.
Happy Birthday Loos. Anita Playhouse 55-05-06 Warren, George & Harriet
The Rainmaker Nash, N. R. Playhouse 55-10-26 Warren, George & Harriet
Kind Lady Chodorov, E. Playhouse 55-11-30 Warren, George & Harriet
Private Lives Coward, N. Playhouse 56-01-11 Warren, George & Harriet
Papa is All Greene, P. Playhouse 56-02-10 Warren, George & Harriet
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypaker O'Brien, Liam Playhouse 56-03-16 Warren, George & Harriet
The Princess & the Goblin Smith, L. Playhouse 56-04-04 Smith, L.
Dark of the Moon Berney, W. & Richardson, H. Playhouse 56-05-04 Warren, George & Harriet
The Day that was THAT DAY Playhouse 56-05-26 Parsons, G.
Two Slatterns & a King Millay, Edna Playhouse 56-05-26 Bradley, J.
Period House Playhouse 56-05-26 Fritzsching, G.
The Solid Gold Cadillac Kaufman, G & Teichmann Playhouse 56-10-26 Warren, George & Harriet
The Desperate Hours Hayes, Joseph Playhouse 56-12-07 Warren, George & Harriet
Reclining Figure Kurnitz, H. Playhouse 57-01-18 Warren, George & Harriet
The Mousetrap Christie, A. Playhouse 57-02-15 Warren, George & Harriet
Cyrano DeBergerac Rostand, E. Playhouse 57-04-05 Warren, George & Harriet
Bus Stop Inge, Wm. Playhouse 57-05-17 Warren, George & Harriet
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs White, J. Playhouse 57-04-24 Smith, L.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Axelrod, G. Playhouse 57-10-11 Warren, George & Harriet
Witness for the Prosecution Christie, A. Playhouse 57-11-20 Warren, George & Harriet
The Desk Set Marchant, W. Playhouse 57-12-31 Warren, George & Harriet
The Great Sebastians Lindsay, H. & Crouse, R. Playhouse 57-02-07 Warren, George & Harriet
The Rope O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 58-03-21 Warren, George & Harriet
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets Shaw, GB Playhouse 58-03-21 Warren, George & Harriet
The End of the Beginning O'Casey, S. Playhouse 58-03-21 Warren, George & Harriet
Simple Simon Harris, A. Playhouse 58-04-12 Smith, L.
All for Mary Brooke, H. & Bannerman,K Playhouse 58-05-09 Warren, George & Harriet
The Happy Journey to Trenton & Camden Wilder,T. Playhouse 58-03-09 Miller, J.
Guys & Dolls Loesser, F.; Swerling, J. & Burrows, A. Playhouse 58-10-10 Warren, George & Harriet
Inherit the Wind Lawrence & Lee Playhouse 58-11-21 Warren, George & Harriet
Visit to a Small Planet Vidal, Gore Playhouse 58-12-31 Warren, George & Harriet
Blithe Spirit Coward, Noel Playhouse 59-02-20 Warren, George & Harriet
The Forest Ring de Mille, W. & Barnard, C. Playhouse 59-04-01
As You Like It Shakespeare, William Playhouse 59-04-10 Warren, George & Harriet
The Happiest Millionaire Crichton, K. Playhouse 59-05-15 Warren, George & Harriet
Goldilocks Kerr, Jean; Kerr, Walter;

Ford, Joan & Anderson, L

Playhouse 59-10-22 Warren, G& H
Death of a Salesman Miller, A. Playhouse 59-11-19 Warren, G&W
Who Was That Lady I Saw You With? Krasna, N. Playhouse 59-12-31 Warren, George & Harriet
Morning at Seven Osborn, Paul Playhouse 60-02-11 Warren, George & Harriet
Counselor-at-Law Rice, Elmer Playhouse 60-03-17 Warren, George & Harriet
The Gazebo Coppell, Alec Playhouse 60-05-05 Warren, G&W


Production Author Location Opening date Director
Auntie Mame Lawrence & Lee Playhouse 60-11-04 Warren, George & Harriet
Spider's Web Christie, A. Playhouse 60-12-09 Warren, George & Harriet
Come Back, Little Sheba Inge, Wm. Playhouse 61-01-20 Warren, George & Harriet
The Devil's Disciple Shaw, GB Playhouse 61-03-03 Warren, George & Harriet
The Boy Friend Wilson, S. Playhouse 61-04-06 Payne, R.
The Marriage-Go-Round Stevens, L. Playhouse 61-05-05 Warren, George & Harriet
Mr. Roberts Heggen, T. & Logan, J. Playhouse 61-10-19 Warren, George & Harriet
Lady in the Dark Hart, M.; Weill, K. & Gershwin, I. Playhouse 61-11-30 Warren, George & Harriet
Waterbabies Hanson, D. & Stimmel, B. Playhouse 61-12-28 Avery, T.
The Deadly Game Dürrenmatt Playhouse 62-01-11 Warren, G&W
The Captain's Paradise CoppelAlic Playhouse 62-02-13 Warren, George & Harriet
Antigone Anouilh Playhouse 62-03-22 Warren, George & Harriet
An Heir of Virtue GabyAlex Playhouse 62-04-12 Warren, George & Harriet
The Best Man Vidal, Gore Playhouse 62-05-17 Warren, George & Harriet
Teahouse of the August Moon Patrick, J. Playhouse 62-07-06 Avery, T.
Dark of the Moon Richardson Playhouse 62-07-19 Avery, T.
The Wizard of Oz Baum, F. Playhouse 62-08-02 Avery, T.
Three Men on a Horse Holm & Abbott Playhouse 62-10-11 Warren, George & Harriet
Write Me a Murder Knott, F. Playhouse 62-11-15 Warren, George & Harriet
The Fourposter Hartog, Jan Playhouse 62-12-27 Warren, George & Harriet
Ah, Wilderness! O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 63-02-05 Warren, George & Harriet
The Visit Dürrenmatt Playhouse 63-03-21 Warren, George & Harriet
Ozma of Oz Baum, L.F. Playhouse 63-04-18 Avery, Tom
A Majority of One Spigelgass. L. Playhouse 63-05-09 Warren, George & Harriet
Call Him Louder Reynolds, S. Playhouse 63-06-05 Warren, George & Harriet
Harvey Chase, Mary East High School 63-10-04 Warren, George & Harriet
Take Her, She's Mine Ephron, P&H Playhouse 63-11-01 Warren, Harriet
Come Blow Your Horn Simon, Neil Playhouse 63-12-06 Warren, Harriet
The Old Lady Shows Her Medals

& The Twelve Pound Look

Barrie, J. M. Playhouse 64-01-17 Warren, Harriet
The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare, William Playhouse 64-02-28 Warren, Harriet
Critic's Choice Levin, Ira Playhouse 64-05-08 Warren, Harriet
Hair of the Dog Taylor, D. Playhouse 64-06-06 Warren, George & Harriet
These are Not Children Brighton Presbyterian Church 63-10-29 Fritzsching, G,
A Choice to Make Hotel Sheridan 63-11-19 Atlas, Bess
Everybody Loves Opal Patrick, J. East High School 64-10-? Warren, Harriet
Calculated Risk Hayes, J. Playhouse 64-11-13 Warren, Harriet
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in

the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad

Kopit, A. Playhouse 64-12-27 Warren, Harriet
Jennie Kissed Me Kerr, Jean Playhouse 65-01-22 Warren, Harriet
Make Mine Mink Coke, Peter Playhouse 65-02-26 Warren, Harriet
Hamlet Shakespeare, William Playhouse 65-04-02 Warren, Harriet
Sunrise at Campobello Schary, Dory Playhouse 65-05-14 Warren, Harriet
The Wizard of Oz Baum, L. F. Playhouse 64-08-? Warren, Harriet
The Three Bears Chorpenning Playhouse 64-11-28 Warren, Harriet
Tom Sawyers Treasure Hunt Chorpinning Playhouse 65-04-21 Warren, Harriet
My Friend the Fox Glennon, W. Playhouse 65-10-09 Simpson, D. & Warren, Harriet
Never Too Late Long, Samuel East High School 65-10-15 Warren, Harriet
Dear MeThe Sky is Falling Spigelglass, L Playhouse 65-11-19 Warren, Harriet
The Days Between Anderson, R. Playhouse 66-01-14 Warren, Harriet
Trap for a Lonely Man Thomas, R. Playhouse 66-02-18 Warren, Harriet
Tartuffe Molière Playhouse 66-03-18 Warren, Harriet
Send Me No Flowers Barasch, N. & Moore, C. Playhouse 66-05-13 Warren, Harriet
The Three Bears Warren, Harriet Playhouse 65-12-04 Warren, Harriet
Racketty-Packetty House Burnett, F. H. Playhouse 66-04-12 Simpson, D.
Mary, Mary Kerr, Jean East High School 66-10-?? Warren, Harriet
A Case of Libel Denker, H. Playhouse 66-11-11 Warren, Harriet
A Thousand Clowns Gardner, H Playhouse 66-12-31 Warren, Harriet
All About Eve Orr & Denham Playhouse 67-02-10 Warren, Harriet
Amphitryon 38 Giraudoux Playhouse 67-04-07 Warren, Harriet
Sunday in New York Krasna, N. Playhouse 67-05-12 Warren, Harriet
The Three Little Pigs Warren, Harriet Playhouse 66-12-03 Warren, Harriet
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Disney, W. Inc. Playhouse 67-03-04 Jordan, Arlene
Cinderella Brickler, J. Playhouse 67-04-22 Brickler, J.
Young Mozart Writes His First Symphony Jones, S. Eastman Theater 67-01-17 Frost, W.
Barefoot in the Park Simon, Neil East High School 67-10-13 Warren, Harriet
Ivory Tower Weidman, J. & Yaffee, J. Playhouse 67-11-10 Warren, Harriet
Wish I Had a Nickel Hanson, D. & Stimmel, B. Playhouse 67-12-31 Warren, Harriet
The Subject was Roses Gilroy, F. Playhouse 68-02-09 Warren, Harriet
The Fifth Season Regan, S. Playhouse 68-03-29 Warren, Harriet
The Man Who Came to Dinner Hart, M. & Kaufman, G. Playhouse 68-05-17 Warren, Harriet
Rumpelstiltskin Chadwick, P. Playhouse 67-11-25 JordanA.
Hansel & Gretel Humperdinck Playhouse 68-03-02 JordanA.
Jack & the Beanstalk Brickler, J. Playhouse 68-04-20 Brickler, J.
Lady on the Rocks Geneva Episcopal Church 67-10-18 Berg, Flora
Eye of the Hurricane Greece Olympia High School 67-10-20 JordanA.
The Odd Couple Simon, Neil East High School 68-10-11 Warren, Harriet
Summertree Cowen, Ron Playhouse 68-11-08 Warren, Harriet
Present Laughter Coward, N. Playhouse 69-01-03 Warren, Harriet
A Delicate Balance Albee, E. Playhouse 69-02-07 Warren, Harriet
The Amorous Flea Devine, J. & Montgomery Playhouse 69-03-21 Warren, Harriet
Philadelphia Here I Come Friel, Brian Playhouse 69-05-16 Warren, Harriet
The Red Shoes Anderson, H. C. Playhouse 68-12-07 Lane, Jean
Peter Pan Barrie, J.M. Playhouse 69-02-22 Brickler, J.
Heidi Chadwick, P. Playhouse 69-04-11 Jordan, A.
yoUTHeater 1969
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker O'Brien, Liam Playhouse 69-07-17 Wanetik, Ric
Of Mice and Men Steinbeck, J. Playhouse 69-07-24 Rotenberg, D.
High Signs Carlino, J. L. Playhouse 69-08-15 Rotenberg, D.
Rumpelstiltskin Chadwick, P. Playhouse 69-08-16 Walla, J. Paul
Little Me Simon, Neil, Coleman, Cy & Leigh, C. Playhouse 69-08-21 Wanetik, Ric
The Amorous Flea Devine, J & Montgomery, B East High School 69-10-10 Warren, H
The Lion in Winter Goldman, J. Playhouse 69-11-14 Warren, Harriet
The Star Spangled Girl Simon, Neil Playhouse 69-12-?? Warren, Harriet
A Streetcar Named Desire O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 70-02-13 Warren, Harriet
A Flea in her Ear Feydeau, G. Playhouse 70-04-10 Warren, Harriet
The Andersonville Trial Levitt, Saul Playhouse 70-05-15 Warren, Harriet
The Little Princess Playhouse
Aladdin Brickler, J. Playhouse 70-01-17 Brickler, J.
The Great Cross Country Race Broadhurst, A. Playhouse 70-03-07 Runzo, David


Production Author Location Opening date Director
yoUTHeater 1970
George M! Cohan, G, Stewart, M., Pascal, J. & F. Xerox Auditorium 70-07-16 Wanetik, Ric
Black Comedy Shaffer, P. Xerox Auditorium 70-07-23 Rotenberg, D.
A Funny Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum Shevelove, Gelbart & Sondheim Xerox Auditorium 70-08-18 Wanetik, Ric
Celebration Jones, T & Schmidt, H. Xerox Auditorium 70-08-20 Rotenberg, D.
Cactus Flower Burrows, Abe East High School 70-10-09 Warren, Harriet
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Allen, Jay Playhouse 71-11-13 Warren, Harriet
Don't Drink the Water Allen, Woody Playhouse 71-01-09 Warren, Harriet
The Rt Hon. Gentleman Dyne, M Playhouse 71-02-12 Warren, Harriet
Man in White Kingsley, S. Playhouse 71-03-26 Warren, Harriet
A Shot in the Dark Achard, M. Playhouse 71-05-14 Warren, Harriet
The 3 Bears Christmas Warren, Harriet Xerox Auditorium 70-12-12 Streeter, R.
Tarzan Brickler, J. Playhouse 71-02-27 Warren, G.
The Bad Children Jackson, S. & Friedman, A. Playhouse 71-04-15 Runzo, David
yoUTHeater 1971
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off Bricusse, L & Newley, A. Xerox Auditorium 71-07-15 Wanetik, Ric
One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest Wasserman, D. Xerox Auditorium 71-07-23 Rotenberg, D.
Once Upon a Mattress Thompson, Barer, Fuller, &Rodgers Xerox Auditorium 71-08-13 Rotenberg, D.
Canterbury Tales Starkie, Coghill, Hill & Hawkins Xerox Auditorium 71-08-14 Breger, P.
Don't Drink the Water Allen, Woody Nazareth 71-10-?? Warren, Harriet
The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Lawrence, J. & Lee, R. Playhouse 71-11-05 Warren, Harriet
Sheep on the Runway Buchwald, A. Playhouse 71-12-10 Warren, Harriet
The Power & the Glory Cannan & Bost Playhouse 72-02-11 Warren, Harriet
Room Service Murray, J.& Boretz, A. Playhouse 72-03-17 Hubbard, L.
Separate Tables:

Table by the Window Table #7

Rattigan, T. Playhouse 72-05-05 Warren, Harriet
The Gold Rush Brickler, J. Playhouse 71-11-26 Brickler, J.
Indian Captive Breen & Lensky Playhouse 72-01-08 Lane, Jean
The Pied Piper Holley, M Playhouse 72-04-06 Runzo, David
yoUTHeater 1972
Serpent Van Itallie Playhouse 72-07-?? Neale & Hagans
Collision Course various Playhouse 72-07-?? Neale & Hagans
Celebration Jones, T. & Schmidt, H. Xerox Auditorium 72-07-27 Neale, Randy
Land of Orlac Hotchstein 72-07-29 Neale, Randy
The Rimmers of Eldritch Wilson, Lanford Xerox Auditorium 72-08-04 Hagans, W.D.
A Clearing in the Woods Laurent, A. Xerox Auditorium 72-08-??
MaryJane Ain't the Same Wanetik, Seth Xerox Auditorium 72-08-19
Cuba Si! McNally, T. Xerox Auditorium 72-08-19 Neale & Hagans
Dames at Sea Haimsohn, G.; Miller, R. & Wise, James Xerox Auditorium 72-08-19
Dracula Deane, H. & Balderston, J. Playhouse 72-08-19
Sunday in New York Krasna, Norm Nazareth 72-09-29 Warren, Harriet
The Last Sweet Days of Issac Cruer, Gretchen & Ford, Nancy Playhouse 72-11-03 Wanetik, Ric
Halfway Up the Tree Ustinov, P. Playhouse 72-12-15 Warren, Harriet
The Brown Pelican Sklar, G. Playhouse 73-01-19 Ginn, Joan
Desire Under the Elms O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 73-02-16 Warren, Harriet
The Royal Family Kaufman, G. & Ferber, Edna Playhouse 73-03-23 Warren, Harriet
How the Other Half Loves Ayckbourn, A. Playhouse 73-05-11 Warren, Harriet
Christmas Carol Warren, Harriet & Goldstaub, P. Playhouse 72-11-24 Fulton, Lois
The Prince & the Pauper Brickler, J. Playhouse 73-01-05 Brickler, J.
Carnival Stewart, M. & Merril, R. Xerox Auditorium 73-08-03 Runzo, David
A Golden Evening at the Theater various 50th Season Anniversary Special 73-09-30 Sufrin, Herb
How the Other Half Loves Ayckbourn, A. Nazareth 73-10-05 Warren, Harriet
Tonight at 8:30 Playhouse
The Physician in Spite of Himself Molière Playhouse 73-11-01 Fritzsching, G.
You Can't Take it With You Kaufman, G. & Hart, M. Playhouse
Lily The Felon's Daughter Taggert, Tom Xerox Auditorium 74-01-03 Hagans, W. D.
Hadrian the 7th Luke, Peter Playhouse 74-01-17 O'Malley, Wm.
Butterflies are Free Gershe, Leon. Playhouse 74-02-14 Sufrin, Herb
The Rope Dancers Wishengrad, M Playhouse 74-03-14 Lane, Jean
Seven Keys to Baldplate Cohan, G. M. Playhouse 74-05-09 Sufrin, Herb
Aesop's Fables Graczyk, Conine, Hansen Playhouse 73-04-13 Andia, William
Rapunzel Brickler, J. Playhouse 74-03-29 Brickler, J.
The Unwicked Witch Playhouse
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Sternberg, P. Playhouse 74-04-19 Runzo, David
Damn Yankees Abbott, G. Xerox Auditorium 74-08-15 Runzo, David
The Rainmaker Nash, N. R. 74-07-11 Runzo, David
The Rainmaker Nash,N. R. Nazareth 74-10-11 Runzo, David
Last of the Red Hot Lovers Simon, Neil Playhouse 74-11-08 O'Connor, Jan
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Gesner, C. Playhouse 74-12-?? Fritzsching, G
Night Watch Fletcher, L. Playhouse 74-02-07 Runzo, David
Anna Christie O'Neill, Eugene Playhouse 75-03-07 Sherwood, G.
6 Rms Riv Vu Randall, Bob Playhouse 75-05-09 Runzo, David
Little Red Riding Hood Chorpenning Playhouse 75-01-10 Boylan, Mark
Sleeping Beauty Brickler, J. Playhouse 75-03-21 Brickler, J.
The Ice Wolf Kraus, J. H. Playhouse 75-04-11 Ginn, Joan
Golden Slippers—Ragged Sneakers Parker & Millay Playhouse 75-01-17 Lane, Jean
The Mad Show Seigel, L; Hart, S; Barer, M; & Vinaver, S. Xerox Auditorium 75-07-11 Runzo, David
Our Town Wilder, T. Xerox Auditorium 75-08-08 Runzo, David
One acts:

What's Dead The Hairy Falsetto The Old Lady Shows Her Medals

Playhouse 75-07-18
6 Rms Riv Vu Randall, Bob Nazareth 75-10-10 Lane, Jean
The Sunshine Boys Simon, Neil Playhouse 75-11-07 Runzo, David
The Petrified Forest Sherwood, R. Playhouse 75-12-05 Rudnicki, S.
Secretary Bird Home, W. D. Playhouse 76-02-06 Dixon, Joan
The Little Foxes Hellman, L. Playhouse 76-03-05 O'Connor, Jan
Finishing Touches Kerr, Jean Playhouse 76-05-07 Covey, Shan
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Fuller & Dukas Playhouse 76-01-09 Barrale, Pam
The Gingerbread Boy Holley & Sacco Playhouse 76-04-23 Runzo, David
See How They Run King, Philip The Harley School 76-09-30 Johnson, A.
Oliver Bart, Lionel The Harley School 76-10-29 Johnson, A.
The Happy Time Taylor, Sam The Harley School 76-12-03 Johnson, A.
Sherlock Holmes Hinton, Th. The Harley School 77-01-28 Johnson, A.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Williams, T. The Harley School 77-03-18
Not Now Darling Chapman, J. & Cooney, Ray The Harley School 77-05-06 Johnson, A.
Four Dancing Princess
The Indian Captive
King of the Ice Cream Mountain yoUTHeater Children's 76-07-17
West Side Story Xerox Auditorium 76-07-22 Runzo, David
Charlie's Aunt Thomas, B. Xerox Auditorium 76-08-12 Runzo, David
Room Service Murray, J.& Boretz, A. The Harley School 77-10-07
Plaza Suite Simon, Neil The Harley School 77-11-25 Johnson, Arnold
The King and I Rodgers and Hammerstein The Harley School 78-01-01 Johnson, Arnold
Speaking of Murder Roos, A. & M. The Harley School 78-03-24 Johnson, Arnold
Don't Start Without Me Rayburn, Joyce The Harley School 78-05-26 Johnson, Arnold
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Sondheim, S. Shevelove, B. & Gelbart, L The Harley School 78-07-07 Johnson, Arnold
Cabaret Theatre various
Auntie Mame Lawrence, J. & Lee, Robert E. 77-07-14
Life With Father Lindsay, H & Crouse, R. 77-08-11
Rumpelstiltskin Playhouse 78-02-10
The Hobbit Playhouse 78-04-14 Domser, Ira
Absurd Person Singular Ayckbourn, A. MCC 78-11-17 Walstrum, D.
My Fair Lady Lerner & Lowe MCC 78-12-31 Johnson, Arnold
Vivat, Vivat Regina Bolt, Robert MCC 79-03-23 Smith, David
The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Zindel, Paul MCC 79-05-25 Johnson, Arnold
Unsinkable Molly Brown Morris, Richard & Wilson, Meredith MCC 79-07-06 Johnson, Arnold
The Cat Princess Hayden, Bill MCC 79-02-09 Mars, Roy
Pinocchio Baldwin, John MCC 79-04-21 Hegge, Malcolm
Status Quo Vadis Driver, Donald MCC 79-02-16 Johnson, Arnold
"Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Dickens Will Read..." Dickens, C. by Mallett, Cyril MCC 79-02-17 Mallett, Cyril
The Great Cross Country Race Broadhurst, A. Various Locations in Rochester
Once Upon a Mattress Thompson, J.; Barer, M.; Fuller, D. & Rodgers, M. Xerox Auditorium 78-08-18 Biddy, Barbara
The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia Jones, Preston MCC 78-11-16 Warren, Harriet
Kiss Me Kate Porter, Cole & Spewack, B. & S. MCC 79-12-31 Andia, William
Dial "M" for Murder Knott, Fred. MCC 80-02-22 Walstrum, D.
Step on a Crack Zelder, Suzan Minerva DeLand School (Fairport) 80-03-07 Lichtman, Susan
Sly Fox Gelbart, Larry MCC 80-05-02 Argetsinger, J.
No Sex Please, We're British Marriott, A. & Foot, A. MCC 80-06-20


Production Author Location Opening date Director
I Do, I Do Jones, Tom & Schmidt, Harvey Playhouse 80-11-14 Argetsinger, J.
Black Comedy Schaffer, Peter Playhouse 80-12-31 Smith, David
Veronica's Room Levin, Ira Playhouse 81-03-06 Runzo, David
Relatively Speaking Ayckbourn, A. Playhouse 81-05-16 Warren, Harriet
An Evening With Cecile Saine various Playhouse 81-05-23 Saine, C.
The Cave Dwellers Saroyan, Wm. Playhouse 81-06-05 Vawter, Tom
Runaways Swados, Eliz. Playhouse 80-08-?? Murphy, David
Chapter Two Simon, Neil Playhouse 81-10-15 Runzo, David
Anything Goes Porter, Cole; Bolton, Guy;

Wodehouse, PG & Crouse, Russell

Playhouse 81-12-03 Austin, Tricia
Ladies in Retirement Denman, Reg. & Percy, Edw. Playhouse 82-02-18 Scott, Wilford
That Championship Season Miller, Jason Playhouse 82-03-26 Runzo, David
The Solid Gold Cadillac Kaufman, G. & Teichman, H. Playhouse 82-05-14 Runzo, David
Story Theater Sills, Paul 81-07-29 Murphy, David
Working Schwartz, S. & Faso, Nina Playhouse? 81-08-19 Murphy, David
High Spirits Martin, Hugh & Gray, Tim Playhouse 82-10-22 Murphy, David
Bus Stop Inge, William Playhouse 82-12-09 Scutt, Ed
Toys in the Attic Hellman, L. Playhouse Vawter, Tom
The Child Buyer Shyre, Paul Playhouse 83-03-17 Runzo, David
A Hotline to Heaven Maraviglia, L. Playhouse
A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare, William Playhouse 82-08-11 Virta, Ray
The Desperate Hours Hayes, J. Playhouse 83-10-21
The Murder Room Sharkey, Jack Playhouse 83-12-30 Cofta, Mark
All the Way Home Mosel, Tad Playhouse 84-02-03 Vawter, Tom
True West Shepard, Sam Playhouse 84-03-23 Scutt, Ed.
Spoon River Anthology Masters, E.L. Playhouse 84-05-11 Bahjat, Clarita
How the Other Half Loves Ayckbourn, A. Holiday Inn Downtown 85-05-11 Willis, David
Whodunnit Shaffer, Anthony Holiday Inn Downtown 85-07-12 Willis, David
Lovers & Other Strangers Taylor, Renee & Bologna,Jos Holiday Inn Downtown 85-09-26 Coughlin, Brian
Rashomon Kanin, F. & M. Holiday Inn Downtown 85-11-08 Willis, David
Romantic Comedy Slade, Bernard Holiday Inn Downtown 85-12-27 Sherwood, Will
Sea Marks McKay,Gardnr Holiday Inn Downtown 86-02-14 Willis, David
Whose Life is It Anyway? Holiday Inn Downtown 86-04-04
Pippin Holiday Inn Downtown 86-05-30 Infantino, S.
Last of the Red Hot Lovers Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown 86-09-12 Coughlin, Brian
Deathtrap Levin, Ira Holiday Inn Downtown 86-10-31 Sweet, Bruce
The Drunkard Herrod, Bro, Manilow, B. & Smith, W. Holiday Inn Downtown 86-12-19 Krickmire, Michael
Equus Shaffer, Peter Holiday Inn Downtown 87-02-06 Klee, Bruce
Bedroom Farce Ayckbourn Holiday Inn Downtown 87-03-27 Krickmire, Michael
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Burrows, Abe; Weinstock, J.;

Gilbert, Willie & Loesser, Frank

Holiday Inn Downtown 87-05-22 Sinesio, Ron
The Apple Tree Harnick, S. & Bock, Jerry Holiday Inn Downtown 87-09-26 Sinesio, Ron
Sleuth Shaffer, Anthony Holiday Inn Downtown 87-11-21 Krickmire, Michael
The Drunkard See above Holiday Inn Downtown 87-12-31 Krickmire, Michael
The Rope Dancers Wishengrad, M. Holiday Inn Downtown 88-02-12 Krickmire, Michael
Best of Friends Holiday Inn Downtown 88-04-?? Fritzsching, Gisela
The Robber Bridegroom Uhry, A. & Waldman, R. Holiday Inn Downtown 88-05-13 Krickmire, Michael
Original One Acts:

The Celebration Watch it Gridley!

1) George, Rob (Celebration) & Lee, Dick (Gridley) Holiday Inn Downtown 88-06-24 Fabretti, K. & LeBoo, M. (Celebration)

& Crawford, J. (Gridley)

The Nerd Shue, Larry Holiday Inn Downtown 88-09-30 Krickmire, Michael
The Odd Couple [*The Female Version] Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown 88-11-18 Herzman, Ellen
Cabaret Masteroff, Joe; Kander, J. & Ebb, Fred Holiday Inn Downtown 89-01-27 Krickmire, Michael
Nuts Topor, Tom Holiday Inn Downtown 89-03-17 Ralph, P.Gibson
The Gypsy Centerfold Simonds, John Holiday Inn Downtown 89-05-05 Krickmire, Michael
Agnes of God Pielmeier, John Holiday Inn Downtown 89-09-29 Henschel, Sandi
Table Manners [The Norman Conquests] Ayckbourn, Alan Holiday Inn Downtown 89-11-17 Krickmire, Mary
Company Sondheim, S. & Furth, G. Holiday Inn Downtown 90-01-26 Krickmire, Michael
The Gingerbread Lady Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown 90-03-16 Sherwood, Will
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Bishop, John Holiday Inn Downtown 90-05-11 Krickmire, Michael


Production Author Location Opening date Director
The Shadow Box Cristofer, M. Holiday Inn Downtown 90-09-28 Krickmire, Michael
Wait Until Dark Knott, Fredk. Holiday Inn Downtown 90-11-16 Gamzon, M.
Two by Two Rogers, Rich. Stone, Peter, Charnin, Martn Holiday Inn Downtown 91-01-25 Krickmire, Michael
The Sunshine Boys Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown 91-03-15 Ralph, P. Gibson
Driving Miss Daisy Uhry, Alfred Holiday Inn Downtown 91-05-03 Krickmire, Michael
The Prisoner of Second Avenue Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown 91-05-19 Cubitt, Eric
Don't Sleep Under the Mapoo Tree Sucke, Greer Mapledale Park 91-06-16 Krickmire, Mary
Towards Zero Christie, A. Holiday Inn Downtown Ralph. P. Gibson
Come Blow Your Horn Simon, Neil Holiday Inn Downtown Krickmire, Michael
I Do, I Do! Jones, Tom & Schmidt, Harvey Holiday Inn Downtown Fritzsching, Gisela
Clever Dick Holiday Inn Downtown Krickmire, Michael
Lend Me a Tenor Ludwig, Ken Holiday Inn Downtown Krickmire, Michael
The Shaggy Dog Murder Trial Kraus, Joanna Maplewood Park Krickmire, Mary
Steel Magnolias Harling, Robert Botsford Fine Arts Center Krickmire, Michael
Prelude to a Kiss Lucas, Craig Botsford Fine Arts Center Krickmire, Michael
Side by Side By Sondheim Sondheim, Stephen Botsford Fine Arts Center Giglio, Santo
Rumors Simon, Neil Botsford Fine Arts Center Jaeger, John
Love Letters Gurney, A. R. Botsford Fine Arts Center Herzman, Ellen
Social Security Bergman, Andrew Botsford Fine Arts Center Steinmeyer, James
Lips Together/Teeth Apart McNally, Terrence Botsford Fine Arts Center Butz, John
Baby Maltby & Shire Botsford Krickmire, Michael
Arsenic & Old Lace Kesselring Botsford Fine Arts Center Krickmire, Michael
Some Enchanted Evening Rodgers and Hammerstein Botsford Fine Arts Center Krickmire, Michael
Breaking Legs Dulak, Tom Botsford Fine Arts Center Krickmire, Michael
The Bear & The Marriage Proposal Checkov, A. Botsford Fine Arts Center Jaeger, John
1776 Edwards, Sherman & Stone, Peter Botsford De Bell, Bettina
Twelfth Night Shakespeare New Life 94-11-04 Sturn, Suzanne
The Tempest Shakespeare New Life 95-04-21 Gamzon, M.
The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare New Life 95-10-27 Jaeger, John
A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare New Life 96-04-19 Jaeger, John
Spoofydoof’s Funnybone Frakes, Jack New Life 95-11-24 Crawford, James
The World Goes Round Kander, John & Ebb Frank New Life 95-12-31 Krickmire, Michael
Story Theater Paul Sills New Life Krickmire, Mary
Jake's Women Simon, Neil New Life Krickmire, Michael
The (Approximate) 15 Minute Hamlet & Other

Really Neat Shakespearian Scenes

Shakespeare Arcadian Vineyard, New Life 96-07-20 Frey, Phil
Macbeth Shakespeare, William New Life 96-11-01 Smith, David
The Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare, William New Life 97-04-04 Langerak, Jack
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 97-07-15 Gamzon, Marcy
Young Prince Hal Shakespeare, William New Life 97-02-01 Frey, Philip R.
Jungle Book Kipling, Rudyard Midtown Plaza 96-12-07 Krickmire, Mary
South Pacific Rodgers and Hammerstein Theater Arts Playhouse 97-06-13 Krickmire, Michael
Hamlet (A Workshop version) Shakespeare, William Blessed Sacrament 97-08-21 Frey, Phil
As You Like It Shakespeare, William New Life 97-10-31 Sanguedolce, Maria
Rumpelstiltskin Midtown Plaza 97-11-?? Krickmire, Mary
The Importance of Being Earnest Wilde, Oscar Blessed Sacrament 97-12-05 Hambas, Nic
The Tale of Marina Shakespeare, William New Life 98-02-07 Frey, Phil
The Playboy of the Western World Synge, JM Blessed Sacrament 98-03-13 Scribner, Peter
Richard III Shakespeare, William New Life 98-04-24 Gamzon, Marcy
Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 98-07-10 Jaeger, John
Brush Up Your Shakespeare Shakespeare et al. RAPA 97-12-31 Gamzon, Marcy
The Runner Stumbles Blessed Sacrament 98-08-24 Allen, Samantha
Othello Shakespeare, William New Life 98-10-30 Powell, Patrick
Kiss Me, Kate Porter, Cole & Spewack, B & S Blessed Sacrament 98-12-04 Hambas, Nic
A Tempest in a Teapot Shakespeare, William New Life 99-01-29 Statt, Julie
An Evening at the Abbey:

Spreading the News, Riders to the Sea, Cathleen Ni Houlihan

Synge, Yeats & Gregory RAPA 99-03-12 Scribner, Barthelmes & Meath
Henry V Shakespeare, William New Life 99-04-16 Jaeger, John
Love's Labor's Lost Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 99-07-09 Casey, Mark
Julius Caesar Shakespeare, William New Life 99-10-30 Sanguedolce, Maria
Da Leonard, Hugh RAPA 00-03-10 Ryon, Jean
Twelfth Night (Children's) Shakespeare, William New Life 00-04-07 Scipione, Maria
A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 00-07-07 Brennan, Terrance


Production Author Location Opening date Director
Hamlet Shakespeare, William New Life 00-10-27 Sanguedolce, Maria
Juno & the Paycock O'Casey, Sean RAPA 01-03-23 Ryon, Jean
Cymbeline, King of the Britons Shakespeare, William New Life 01-04-21 Scipione, Maria
A Comedy of Errors Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 01-07-06 Jaeger, John
Translations Friel, Brian New Life 02-04-01 Ryon, Jean
The Tempest Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 06-28-02 Brennan, Terrance
An Evening of Lady Gregory One Acts Gregory, Lady New Life 03-05-09 Various
Someone to Look Over Me McGuinness, Frank New Life 03-05-25 Ryon, Jean
All's Well that Ends Well Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 03-07-05 Scipione, Maria
The Whiteheaded Boy Robinson, Lennox RAPA 03-10-10 Brady, Charlotte
Waiting for Godot Beckett, Samuel RAPA; St. Stevens Church 04-04-17 Ryon, Jean
King Lear Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 04-06-30 Dauer, Katherine
The Kings of the Kilburn High Road Murphy, Jimmy New Life 05-04-29 Ryon, Jean
A Comedy of Errors Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 05-07-01 Starkweather, Linda
Dancing at Lugnasa Friel, Brian New Life 06-03-24 Ryon, Jean
The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 06-07-06 Norton, Chris
Poe Stories I Poe, Edgar Allen et al. New Life 06-10-20 various
Faith Healer Friel, Brian New Life 07-04-20 Ryon, Jean
Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 07-07-06 Ryon, Jean
All My Sons Miller, Arthur Nextstage at GEVA Theatre Center 08-01-18 Krickmire, Michael
The Hostage Behan, Brendan 2008-04-05 Ryon, Jean
As You Like It Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 2008-07-03 Jaeger, John
Love in the Title Leonard, Hugh RAPA 2009-04-03 Ryon, Jean
Hamlet Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 2009-07-05 Casey, Mark
The Cripple of Inishmaan McDonaugh, Martin MuCCC 2010-03-26 Ryon, Jean
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 2010-07-02 Ryon, Jean


Production Author Location Opening date Director
Macbeth Shakespeare, William MuCCC 2010-10-29 Powell, Meredith
Bedtime Story

and Dublin Carol

Sean O'Casey (Bedtime Story) and

Conor McPherson (Dublin Carol)

MuCCC 2011-04-01 Ryon, Jean
Othello Shakespeare, William Highland Bowl 2011-07-01 Roosa, Stephanie
The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare, William MuCCC 2011-10-28 Jaeger, John


  1. ^ Source: bound volumes of the programs of the Rochester Community Players, archived at the Local History Department, Rundel Memorial Library Building, Rochester, NY Public Library