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Rock'n August is an international classic car show and music festival located in the city of St. Albert,[1] a city just north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As the name implies, Rock'n August takes place in the month of August, and spans the period of 5 days, usually ending on a weekend. Rock'n August is a non-profit event where proceeds are provided for the Alberta Diabetes Foundation.[2] The event is sponsored by numerous small, medium and large businesses. Some past and current sponsors include Goodyear, Wal-Mart and Molson.[3]

On a typical year, the event sees more than 500 automobile entries and over 50,000 people attending the show altogether, making it one of Alberta's largest events. Apart from expected local visitors, the event attracts visitors from the nearby Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, as well as those from the US states of Washington, Idaho and Montana.


In 2007, the event was held from Tuesday the 7th of August through Saturday, the 11th of August and raised $41,889 for Diabetes research.


The 2008 event was held from Tuesday August 5th through Saturday, August 9th and helped raise $77,000 for Diabetes research.


The 2009 event was held from Tuesday August 4th through Saturday, August 8th and raised $77,000 for Diabetes research.


The 2010 event will be held from Tuesday August 3rd through Saturday, August 7th.

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