Rock'n Roll (New York Dolls album)

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Rock'n Roll
Rock n Roll NY Dolls.jpg
Compilation album by New York Dolls
Released October 18, 1994
Genre Punk rock
Length 75:21
Label Mercury Records
Producer Richard Bauer, Bill Levenson, Marty Thau
New York Dolls chronology
Seven Day Weekend
(1992)Seven Day Weekend1992
Rock'n Roll
One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This
(2006)One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This2006
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Rock'n Roll is a 1994 compilation album by the New York Dolls. It features all the songs from their self-titled album, with the exception of their cover of Bo Diddley's song "Pills", and selections from Too Much Too Soon. There are also three unreleased tracks: "Courageous Cat Theme", which was recorded for a commercial during the sessions for the second album and demos of band composed, "Lone Star Queen" and a cover of "Don't Mess With Cupid".

This is the first remastered release of NY Dolls recordings. 24-bit remasters of the complete studio albums were released in 2006 in a limited edition in Japan.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Courageous Cat Theme" (Johnny Holiday) - 2:19
  2. "Trash" (Sylvain Sylvain, David Johansen) - 3:07
  3. "Personality Crisis" (Johnny Thunders, Johansen) - 3:41
  4. "Babylon" (Thunders, Johansen) - 3:32
  5. "Looking for a Kiss" (Johansen) - 3:17
  6. "Lone Star Queen" (Johansen, Thunders, Sylvain, Arthur "Killer" Kane, Jerry Nolan) - 4:10
  7. "Vietnamese Baby" (Johansen) - 3:37
  8. "Lonely Planet Boy" (Johansen) - 4:07
  9. "Frankenstein" (Sylvain, Johansen) - 5:57
  10. "Private World" (Thunders, Johansen) - 3:37
  11. "Chatterbox" (Thunders) - 2:25
  12. "Bad Girl" (Thunders, Johansen) - 3:02
  13. "Don't Mess with Cupid" (Deanie Parker, Eddie Floyd, Steve Cropper) - 2:51
  14. "Subway Train" (Thunders, Johansen) - 4:19
  15. "Who Are the Mystery Girls?" (Thunders, Johansen) - 3:08
  16. "Stranded in the Jungle" (Ernestine Smith, James Johnson) - 4:04
  17. "It's Too Late" (Thunders, Johansen) - 4:40
  18. "Puss 'n' Boots" (Sylvain, Johansen) - 3:05
  19. "Jet Boy" (Thunders, Johansen) - 4:39
  20. "Human Being" (Thunders, Johansen) - 5:44