Rock'n with Father Mike

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Rock'n With Father Mike
EP by Anti-Flag / The Bad
Released 1993
Genre Punk rock
Anti-Flag chronology
Rock'n with Father Mike
Kill Kill Kill
(1995)Kill Kill Kill1995

Rock'n With Father Mike is a 7 inch Split EP released by Anti-Flag and The Bad Genes. It contains some of the oldest Anti-Flag recordings, as it was released in 1993 when they had newly formed the band. Possibly the rarest Anti-Flag record, it is highly sought after by fans today. The title is a reference to a punk rock preacher who was known as Father Mike. There are three known versions of the record. One has a pink cover, one has a light blue cover, and one has a yellow cover.

Track listing[edit]

Side A (Anti-Flag)
  1. "I Don't Want To Be Like You"
  2. "Fuck the Pope"
Side B (The Bad Genes)
  1. "Salute"
  2. "Chords That Cut"