Rock & Roll Heart Attack

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Rock & Roll Heart Attack
Album art for Cindy Valentine's Rock and Roll Heart
Studio album by
Cindy Valentine
Released1984 and 2007
GenrePop rock
LabelCBS Columbia Records (Vinyl)
Magada Records (CD re-release)
ProducerTony Green
Cindy Valentine chronology
Rock & Roll Heart Attack Secret Rendez-Vous
Singles from Rock & Roll Heart Attack
  1. "Victim"
  2. "Make It Through the Night"
  3. "Big Kiss"

Rock & Roll Heart Attack is Cindy Valentine's debut album. The nine-year-old Canadian prodigy released Rock & Roll Heart Attack on vinyl with CBS Columbia Records in 1984. Valentine's subsequent work is featured in the title track of the film Repossessed (1990). Mannequin Two: On the Move (1991) features Valentine's single "Pick Up The Pieces (To My Heart)"; her song "Please" appears in the soundtrack of Love in Paris/Another 9½ Weeks (1997). Valentine starred as Shana the Rock Star in Teen Witch (1989), where she co-wrote and performed the songs "Never Gonna Be The Same Again" and "Finest Hour".[1][2]

Valentine is Italian born and was raised in Canada. She is a classically trained, solo singer, composer, pianist and percussionist who is now a U.S. citizen and works as a composer in the film and television industry.


Rock And Roll Heart Attack produced three singles: "Victim", "Make It Through the Night" and "Big Kiss". A music video titled Victim, starring Cindy Valentine and Michael Damian was produced to support the album.[3] Rock And Roll Heart Attack was re-released on CD in 2007 on Magada Records.[4]


  • Cindy Valentine – lead vocals
  • Chris Wade – keyboards
  • Rod Mcmanus – keyboards
  • Davide Amadei – guitars
  • Aubrey Dana – guitars
  • Rick Rice – guitars
  • Bryan Hughes – guitars
  • Greg Steele – drums, percussion
  • Asher Fisher – drums, percussion
  • Lorne Ould – bass
  • Nick Pregino – bass

Track list[edit]

Rock & Roll Heart Attack (1984) CBS Records [5][6]
1."Victim" (Released as a single with "Using Me" on B-side)Tony Green4:03
2."Fool in the Night"B. Stanley, S. Trotter4:18
3."Big Kiss" (Released as a single with "Don't Waste Your Love" on B-side)D. Ray3:44
4."Love Child" (Diana Ross cover)Taylor, Wilson, Sawyer, Richards3:55
5."Power of Love"Tony Green5:00
6."Living in the Fast Lane"Tony Green4:31
7."Make It Through the Night" (Released as a single with "Love Child" on B-side)C. Valentine, T. Green3:31
8."Using Me"Cindy Valentine4:57
9."Lust"C. Valentine, A. Dana, L. Ould, G. Steele, D. Amadei, C. Wade4:09
10."Don't Waste Your Love"Tony Green4:03


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