Rock 'n' Roll Revue

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Rock'n Roll Revue
Rock n Roll Revue lobby card 1.jpg
Lobby card
Directed by Joseph Kohn
Produced by Ben Frye
Distributed by Studio Films, Inc.
Release date
Running time
69 min.
Country United States
Language English

Rock'n Roll Revue is a 1955 American film directed by Joseph Kohn. The film was compiled for theatrical exhibition from the made-for-television short films produced by Snader and Studio Telescriptions, with newly filmed host segments by Willie Bryant.[1]

The film is also known as Harlem Rock 'n' Roll (in the United Kingdom) and Rock and Roll Review (American alternative title).



  • Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - "The Mooche"
  • Big Joe Turner - "Okimoshebop"
  • Dinah Washington - "Only a Moment Ago"
  • Nat "King" Cole and his trio - "The Trouble With Me Is You"
  • Larry Darnell - "What More Do You Want Me to Do"
  • The Clovers - "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash"

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