Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon

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Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon
Rock'n'Roll San Diego Marathon logo.jpg
Location San Diego
Event type Road
Distance Marathon and half marathon
Established 1998
Official site San Diego Marathon

The Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon is an annual marathon foot-race held in San Diego, California. It was established in 1998 and has been run every year since. It is the original race in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series of marathons and half-marathons managed by Competitor Group, Inc.. A half marathon race over 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi) was added to supplement the established full marathon race from the 2010 edition onwards.[1]

The marathon originally commenced at 6th Avenue at Palm and concluded on Broadway Avenue downtown San Diego. The following year, the finish moved to the Naval Training Center, and three years later moved to to the Parade Deck in Marine Corps Recruit Depot. In 2010 a new course was defined which ended at Sea World San Diego.[2] In 2013, the course was again rerouted with a new finish line at Petco Park.[3] Runners have seven hours in which to complete the marathon. There is also a half-marathon over portions of the same course, and a four-person relay option with a four-hour time limit.[1] Since its inception, the marathon claims to have raised in excess of $100 million for charities (but see below). The 2006 marathon had 21,159 participants—17,339 of whom successfully finished the race.

The half marathon aspect of the race has a men's course record of 58:41 minutes (set by Bernard Koech in 2013). This was the fourth-fastest time ever for the event, although the time did not meet official IAAF requirements as the course contained an excessive downhill.[4][5]

Foundation controversy[edit]

In 2008 the Competitor Group took over Elite Racing, the company that had been organizing the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. The following year, 2009, an internal audit revealed that the charity in whose name the race had been run, Elite Racing Foundation for Children, Education & Medical Research, had been improperly commingling funds with the for-profit Elite Racing. It further found that the foundation was being operated "in many instances for the benefit of the for-profit,” and that the charity's role in hosting the races had been overstated. As a result, the race had benefited improperly from hundreds of thousands of dollars in public subsidies and grants. In announcing the results of the audit, Competitor said it would return $190,500 to San Diego County and $152,544 to the city of San Diego, spend the remaining foundation funds on health and wellness causes, file amended tax returns, and dissolve the foundation.[6][7] Competitor Group made the final payments in October 2009. Altogether the company returned $344,176 to the city and county.[8]

Marathon winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Richard Limo secured victory in 2010 – his first marathon win
Alice Chelangat of Kenya was the 2006 women's race winner
Edition Year Men's winner Country Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Country Time (h:m:s)
19th June 5, 2016 Eric Noel  United States 2:26:39 McKale Davis  United States 2:56:15
18th May 31, 2015 Igor Campos  United States 2:37:02 Lenore Moreno  United States 2:41:39
17th June 1, 2014 Ben Bruce  United States 2:23:50 Anna Corrigan  United States 2:44:27
16th June 3, 2013 Simon Njoroge  Kenya 2:15:00 Natalya Sergeyeva  Russia 2:35:05
15th June 3, 2012 Nixon Machichim  Kenya 2:10:03 Alevtina Ivanova  Russia 2:27:44
14th June 5, 2011 Terfa Negari  Ethiopia 2:11:18 Bizunesh Deba  Ethiopia 2:23:31
13th June 6, 2010 Richard Limo  Kenya 2:09:56 Yulia Gromova  Russia 2:27:38
12th May 31, 2009 Khalid El Boumlili  Morocco 2:11:16 Yulia Gromova  Russia 2:27:37
11th June 1, 2008 Simon Wangai  Kenya 2:10:07 Yulia Gromova  Russia 2:28:23
10th June 3, 2007 Daniel Yego  Kenya 2:09:04 Hellen Jemaiyo Kimutai  Kenya 2:32:40
9th June 4, 2006 Ambesse Tolosa  Ethiopia 2:10:08 Alice Chelangat  Kenya 2:28:21
8th June 5, 2005 Christopher Cheboiboch  Kenya 2:09:17 Gete Wami  Ethiopia 2:30:55
7th June 6, 2004 Joseph Ngolepus  Kenya 2:11:04 Tatyana Titova  Russia 2:29:36
6th June 1, 2003 Osoro Ondoro  Kenya 2:09:38 Irina Bogachova  Kyrgyzstan 2:29:52
5th June 2, 2002 Sammy Korir  Kenya 2:09:02 Alice Chelangat  Kenya 2:29:57
4th June 3, 2001 John Kagwe  Kenya 2:10:07 Margaret Okayo  Kenya 2:25:05
3rd June 4, 2000 Wolashe Belay  Ethiopia 2:12:45 Margaret Okayo  Kenya 2:27:05
2nd May 23, 1999 Philip Tarus  Kenya 2:08:33 Irina Bogachova  Kyrgyzstan 2:28:46
1st June 21, 1998 Philip Tarus  Kenya 2:10:42 Nadezhda Ilyina  Russia 2:34:17

Half marathon[edit]

Edition Year Men's winner Country Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Country Time (h:m:s)
7th June 5, 2016 Scott Smith  United States 1:02:34 Shalene Flanagan  United States 1:07:51
6th May 31, 2015 Jordan Chipangama  United States 1:02:24 Eri Hayakawa  Japan 1:10:47
5th June 1, 2014 Solomon Deksisa  Ethiopia 1:00:12 Birhane Dibaba  Ethiopia 1:09:33
4th June 3, 2013 Bernard Koech  Kenya 58:41 Edna Kiplagat  Kenya 1:08:57
3rd June 3, 2012 Meb Keflezighi  United States 1:03:11 Kim Smith  New Zealand 1:08:37
2nd June 5, 2011 Meb Keflezighi  United States 1:02:40 Gina Slaby  United States 1:16:33
1st June 6, 2010 Sergio Gonzalez  United States 1:07:18 Jacquelyne Gallegos  United States 1:21:04


In 2015 Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, completed the Rock ’n’ Roll San Diego Marathon in 7hr 24min 36sec, thus becoming the oldest woman to complete a marathon (she was 92 years and 65 days old at the time.)[9]


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