Rock (Casting Pearls EP)

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EP by Casting Pearls
Released November 30, 2002
Genre Christian rock
Label Big Box Records
Casting Pearls chronology
Really Great Sinners
(2000)Really Great Sinners2000
Casting Pearls
(2005)Casting Pearls2005

Rock is the second recorded work by the band Casting Pearls.9

Track 3, "Wastin' Time" was re-used on their next release, Casting Pearls.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Stuck
  2. Love But Dread
  3. Wastin' Time
  4. Off The Hook
  5. Close Your Eyes
  6. Need You Here
  7. All About Love
  8. August
  9. 2 a.m.

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