Rock Art Brewery

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Rock Art Brewery
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1997
Headquarters Morrisville, Vermont
United States
Products Beer

Rock Art Brewery is a brewery in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. It began production in 1997 in the Johnson, Vermont basement of founder Matt Nadeau. In 2001 it moved to a larger facility in nearby Morrisville, where it still resides. Its beers are distributed in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Jersey. In addition to bottles and growlers, it offers firkins of cask ale as special orders.

In September, 2009, Hansen Natural brand Monster Energy sent a 'cease and desist' letter to Rock Art Brewery about its Vermonster series of microbrew beers, saying "VERMONSTER in connection with beer will undoubtedly create a likelihood and/or dilute the distinctive quality of Hansen's MONSTER marks." Hansen Beverage Co. has sought reimbursement for legal expenses and asked Rock Art Brewery to abandon a trademark application. Hansen has trademarks for “Monster” and “Monster Energy.” [1][2]

Matt Nadeau, a co-owner of Rock Art Brewery said he plans to fight the litigation, even though his attorney said it could be costly.[1] “Just don’t forget, it could get nasty,” Nadeau said his attorney advised.[1]

Rock Art and Monster settled their dispute in October 2009. Nadeau credited social media and a grass-roots movement which pressured Hansen Beverage Co.[3]

Ironically, Brooklyn Brewery has been using the name Monster since the late 90's, prior to the creation of Monster Energy drinks.[4]


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