Rock Bonham... And the Long Road Back

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Rock Bonham...And The Long Road Back
Studio album by Daniel MacMaster
Released 2005
Genre Hard rock
Label Suncity Records

Rock Bonham...And The Long Road Back is an album released in 2005 by Daniel MacMaster.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Bleeding Hearts Collide
  2. Find A Way Back To You
  3. One Step Behind
  4. Walk With Me
  5. 1st In Line
  6. Just Before We Say Goodnight
  7. Is She Falling
  8. Feeling Inside
  9. Friend Of Mine
  10. Great Confusion
  11. Can't Let Go


  • Daniel MacMaster - lead vocals
  • Terry Baker - guitars
  • Chris Fumo - rhythm guitars
  • Don McDonough - bass guitar
  • John Lord - drums