Rock Canyon (Provo, Utah)

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Squaw Peak over Rock Canyon at sunset

Rock Canyon is located in the Wasatch Mountains, in east Provo, Utah, United States.[1][Note 1] It is popular with rock climbers and hikers (and a number of other outdoor enthusiasts of all types) due to its unique and rugged geology as well as its proximity to Brigham Young University. The mouth of the canyon is located just behind the Provo Utah Temple.

Notable features in the canyon[edit]

Squaw Peak as viewed from the mouth of Rock Canyon, showing some of the distinctly visible geological layers


Recorded history of the canyon begins with the conflicts between Mormon settlers based at Fort Utah and the indigenous Ute tribe living in Utah Valley in 1850. A contingent of Utes, under the direction of Big Elk, fled to Rock Canyon following a battle with the Mormon militia. Squaw Peak is the name the white settlers gave to the peak north of Rock Canyon, after Big Elk's wife who died in the canyon in the conflict. Some pictographs still exist from early Indian writings. There are large mineral deposits in the canyon and many shafts and tunnels still exist which may be explored.[2]


Rock Canyon is home to a number of large game animals and it is common for visitors to observe deer, bighorn sheep, or other species.[3]

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  1. ^ Despite extending east into the Uinta National Forest and the Wasatch Range, Rock Canyon is still almost entirely within the city limits of Provo, Utah.


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