Rock Creek (Kankakee River)

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For other streams of the same name, see Rock Creek.
Rock Creek
Rock Creek on Kankakee River2.jpg
Rock Creek on November 7, 2010 just before entering to Kankakee River
Main source Monee Township, Will County, Illinois
41°24′14″N 87°43′51″W / 41.4039229°N 87.7308774°W / 41.4039229; -87.7308774
River mouth Confluence with the Kankakee River near Bourbonnais, Illinois
558 ft (170 m)
41°12′12″N 87°59′10″W / 41.2033651°N 87.9861594°W / 41.2033651; -87.9861594Coordinates: 41°12′12″N 87°59′10″W / 41.2033651°N 87.9861594°W / 41.2033651; -87.9861594
Progression Rock Creek → Kankakee → Illinois → Mississippi → Gulf of Mexico
Physical characteristics
Length 25 mi (40 km)
GNIS ID 416805
A bridge over Rock Creek northeast of Manteno, Illinois, as flood water recedes in April, 2006

Rock Creek is a 24.7-mile-long (39.8 km)[1] tributary of the Kankakee River in the U.S. state of Illinois.[2] It empties into the Kankakee River in Kankakee River State Park which is just north west of the city of Kankakee. It starts in higher land and then drops into the Kankakee River Valley. Because of this, the river has cut through the rock, forming a gorge. The majority of this gorge is in the state park. There is also a trail in Kankakee River State Park that follows Rock Creek.Rock creek waterfalls area is a popular summer destination for the local residents who know of its location approx 1.5 miles upstream from the main entrance of the state park.The cliffs can reach as high as 80 feet high in this area from the park entrance to the falls. It is a very popular smallmouth bass fishing destination for many northern and central area Illinois residents.

Other streams[edit]

The U.S. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) shows 12 streams named Rock Creek in the state of Illinois.


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