Rock Cup

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Rock Cup
Rock Cup logo.png
Founded 1895
Region Gibraltar
Number of teams 22
Qualifier for UEFA Europa League
Current champions Europa (7th title)
Most successful club(s) Lincoln Red Imps (17 titles)
2017–18 Rock Cup

The Rock Cup is Gibraltar's premier cup football competition, and has been organised annually by the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) since 1895. The winner of the 2014 Rock Cup was to be the first one to participate in the Europa League,[1] but as Lincoln Red Imps F.C. had already been titled league champion, thus qualifying for 2014–15 UEFA Champions League, the losing finalist College Europa qualified for the first qualifying round.


The Rock Cup is entered by all teams of Gibraltar's Premier League and Second League as well as the Under 15 national team, until 2015 when the Under 15s were not entered. It is played in a knock-out format with single legged ties. Second division sides enter in Round One with three randomly drawn teams receiving byes into the second round, where Premier Division sides will enter.

In 2014 UEFA president Michel Platini presented the trophy to the winners.[2]

List of winners[edit]

The Rock Cup trophy.

The following teams have won the competition.[3]

Note: Newcastle FC was a temporary name for Lincoln FC.

Performance by club[edit]

Team Titles Last Title
Lincoln Red Imps 17 2016
St Joseph's 9 2013
Europa FC 7 2018
Glacis United 5 1997–98
Gibraltar United 4 2000–01
Manchester 62 4 2002–03
Britannia XI 3 1947–48
Gibraltar 1 1894–95
HMS Hood 1 1935–36
2nd Battalion The King's Regiment 1 1938–39
A.A.R.A. 1 1941–42
RAF New Camp 1 1942–43
4th Btallion Royal Scott 1 1943–44
Prince of Wales 1 1948–49
Manchester 62 Reserve 1 1973–74
2nd Battalion RGJ 1 1975–76
RAF Gibraltar 1 1987–88
St Theresa's 1 1994–95


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