Rock Phenomenon

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Rock Phenomenon
Rock Phenomenon.jpg
Remix album by DJ Vlad, Roc Raida and Mike Shinoda
Released March 27, 2006
July 10, 2007 (Re-release)
Recorded 2005
Genre Hip hop, rock, bastard pop
Length 64:50
Label Altered Ego
Producer Roc Raida, DJ Vlad, Mike Shinoda, DJ Green Lantern
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Rock Phenomenon
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Rock Phenomenon is a mashup album released by former X-Ecutioners DJ Roc Raida and DJ Vlad, with Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda as its host of the album. It was originally released on March 27, 2006 as a mixtape, but due to much critical praise, it received an official release on July 10, 2007.

The mixtape blended hip-hop with rock music and was produced by Roc Raida and DJ Vlad, with one track being produced by DJ Green Lantern. The album won the Mash Up Mixtape of the Year at the 2007 Justo Mixtape Awards.


Rock Phenomenon includes the blend of rap & hip-hop with rock music, as mashups, produced by Roc Raida, DJ Vlad, Mike Shinoda & DJ Green Lantern themselves. DJ Vlad and Roc Raida had originally released the third installment of Rap Phenomenon, but the pair had opted rap/hip-hop and rock music in this mixtape, which includes Eminem vs Rage Against The Machine, Jay-Z vs Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre vs Korn, and M.O.P. vs Jimi Hendrix. DJ Vlad had told

"I did [Rock Phenomenon] for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to come out with another official ‘Phenomenon’ mixtape, but I wanted to switch it up this time. I wanted to keep the same quality and work from the first couple of mixtapes, but totally change the genre of music. Actually, that's the main reason."

Vlad said while commercial radio and video doesn't always reflect it, Hip-Hop has long been influenced by Rock-n-Roll and Heavy Metal. Vlad continued:

"Early hip-hop was very rock influenced. Take a look at Rick Rubin. He produced all the early LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and some others like Run-DMC and it still works. All the Lil’ Jon stuff, the M.O.P. stuff – all that really works with rock. I heard Lil’ Jon is actually working on a rock album with Rick Rubin right now."

Vlad said that he and award-winning DJ Roc Raida (formerly of The X-Ecutioners), attempted to show people just how well the genres of music actually blend together. To further drive the point home, the mixtape is hosted by the front-man for the platinum plus rock band Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda. Shinoda himself recently dropped a hip-hop side project as a frontman of the group Fort Minor. DJ Vlad had touched up on his Bay Area roots with Roc Raida, as they join Shinoda from Linkin Park and Fort Minor for this long-waited, acclaimed mash-up mix, as they clash up the rock legends with hip-hop artists, which brings you Tupac Shakur vs Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jay-Z vs Marilyn Manson, and Ice Cube vs Tool.

A few years after his Rap Phenomenon blew the vault door, DJ Vlad returns to the scene of the crime with Rock Phenomenon. The DJ/producer jumps into the mash up scam with the help of Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. Everyone has joined the mash up revolt, but stunting with former DMC/X-Ecutioners Champ Roc Raida made the Butcher's tape a must have. The host of the album is Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, who is fresh of the success of Fort Minor's debut album The Rising Tied (2005) and DJ Green Lantern's Fort Minor: We Major mixtape. Rock Phenomenon unites the three musicians in a successful attempt to pit two genres against one another for our enjoyment and their profit.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Intro"   1:11
2. "What U Gon' Do vs. Iron Man" Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz vs. Black Sabbath 4:52
3. "White America vs. Fistful of Steel" Eminem vs. Rage Against the Machine 4:59
4. "Real Nigga Roll Call vs. Sober" Ice Cube vs. Tool 2:30
5. "Mike Shinoda Interlude" Mike Shinoda 0:39
6. "Get Back vs. Back in Black" Ludacris vs. AC/DC 3:55
7. "G-Building vs. Foxy Lady" M.O.P. vs. Jimi Hendrix 3:34
8. "Dead Wrong vs. Whole Lotta Love" The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Led Zeppelin 2:54
9. "'Till I Collapse vs. Down with the Sickness" Eminem vs. Disturbed 4:17
10. "Mike Shinoda Interlude" Mike Shinoda 0:44
11. "No Love 4 Me vs. Smells Like Teen Spirit" DMX vs. Nirvana 2:33
12. "Holla If Ya Hear Me vs. Eye of the Tiger" 2Pac vs. Survivor 2:18
13. "99 Problems vs. Give It Away" Jay-Z vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers 3:40
14. "Mike Shinoda Interlude" Mike Shinoda 0:36
15. "Fight Music vs. Shook Ones Pt. II vs. We Will Rock You" D12 vs. Mobb Deep vs. Queen 2:47
16. "One Day at a Time vs. Tom Sawyer" 2Pac vs. Talib Kweli vs. Rush 2:55
17. "Beast vs. South of Heaven" 8Ball & MJG vs. Slayer 3:08
18. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder vs. Tainted Love" Jay-Z vs. Marilyn Manson 3:19
19. "Like a Pimp (Remix) vs. Papercut" David Banner vs. Linkin Park 2:35
20. ""Cleanin' Out My Closet" vs. "Hotel California"" Eminem vs. The Eagles 4:20
21. "Never Call You Bitch Again vs. Imagine" 2Pac vs. John Lennon 2:30
22. "Many Men (Wish Death) vs. Bitter Sweet Symphony" 50 Cent vs. The Verve 3:31
23. "Hold On, Be Strong vs. Sweet Home Alabama" 2Pac vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd 2:57
24. "Murder Was the Case vs Falling Away from Me" Dr. Dre vs. Korn 2:10
25. "Superman vs Purple Haze" Eminem vs. Jimi Hendrix 1:56